“Phoenix Feline Fanciers” board member to speak January 3

Marge Ellison

Nancy Dodds, who currently serves as a board member of Phoenix Feline Fanciers Cat Club, will be the guest speaker at the Wednesday, January 3, 2018 meeting of The Pet Companions Club of PebbleCreek. Phoenix Feline Fanciers is the largest cat club in Arizona. We will meet at 3:00 p.m. in room 100 of the Eagle’s Nest Activities Center. All residents of PebbleCreek, whether club members or not, are invited to attend. There is no charge.

Nancy, a PebbleCreek resident since 2003, is an approved all-breed cat show judge who travels both domestically and internationally to officiate at Cat Fanciers Association cat shows. The CFA is worldwide and is the largest registry of cats in the world.

Nancy began breeding and showing Siamese cats soon after college graduation. In the early 1970s she obtained a pedigreed Cornish Rex cat, a fairly new breed in this country. This was followed by successful breeding and showing of top cats of this breed. Nancy has been a judge for the Cat Fanciers Association since 1978. She is an adept handler and is familiar with the attributes of more than 35 breeds of pedigreed cats. In addition to being a judge, Nancy has been a mentor and instructor to train judges who work through the CFA judging program to become apprentice judges.

During the past year Nancy has traveled several times to China where a blossoming cat fancy has been established, as well as visiting sites such as the Terra Cotta Warriors, the Great Wall of China and shopping in Shanghai.

This past December the Phoenix Feline Fanciers hosted its Silver Phoenix Cat Show, the largest cat show in Arizona. It is a non-profit club which makes donations to valley cat rescue groups and also donates space to cat rescue organizations.

Please join us on Wednesday, January 3, 2018, for this very informative presentation. You do not have to be a member of the club to attend.

Please address any questions to Jim or Marge Ellison at 623-935-6651.