Pet of the Month: Sylvester Likes to Survey His Kingdom



Jim Ellison

Hi! My name is Sylvester; Syl to my family and friends. I am an eighteen-year-old feline, and live in a house with two humans and one dog. I spend much of my day surveying my kingdom from the top of the highest cabinet. If I can make that leap, you know I am a healthy senior.

Life is generally good, but I do have a problem with my obnoxious canine. We have wonderful sun spots on the floor made by the sun shining through the windows. We both like to sleep in these spots. The dog seems to think he owns these spots, but I know these spots are mine. So, periodically, I have to force the issue by showing the dog that I am the alpha in this family.

Many humans are sad, angry, depressed, and anxious about the current COVID-19 crisis. However, I have enjoyed this opportunity because I am spending more time with my humans, John and Linda Nelson. Because they have to stay home, we are having quality time and I love it!