Pet of the Month: Hudson! It was love at first sight

John and Jill Derkits

Hudson is a four-year-old Staffordshire Terrier. He was found by a Chicago police officer on January 27, 2015. He was seeking shelter in a cardboard box in an alley off the streets of a questionable section of the city. He had superficial gunshot wounds of the right cheek and shoulder and he was very malnourished. As a “court case,” he was taken care of by the city veterinarian and then assigned to former Blackhawk player Brian Bickel’s Bully Breed Rescue. He was placed in a foster home until his forever family could be found.

It was love at first sight when we met “Huddy.” He immediately took to us, our family, and our Illinois home and has been with us since March 14, 2015. Hudson loves warm sunny weather, playing tug and golf cart and car rides. He loves to travel and to visit our son’s dog, Tatum. He’s always eager to make new people friends and dog friends. He’ll do almost anything for a treat and would snuggle with you all day if you would let him! He’s one happy pup and we’re so glad he came into our lives.