Pet of the Month: Patches Gillespie

Hello, Creekers! I’ve lived in PebbleCreek for almost twelve years now. I was born on Martin Luther King’s birthday in 2001 in Georgia. I am now seventeen years old. I am a Jack Russell terrier, and I still have some energy left in me. My brown patches are fading as I get older, but my vet says I’m in good shape for seventeen.

I like living here and going on walks every day. I also like to meet other dogs on our walks, especially Molly who is a big yellow Lab. I can still run and chase rabbits and lizards, but I can’t catch any. I like to visit my aunt Patti in Phoenix. She has three cats and one cute little puppy that I chase. She takes care of me when my mom and dad, Margaret and Jim Gillespie, go on trips.

I love my treats and my new dog food which I eat with pumpkin. I really like to go in the car anytime mom and dad will take me. They don’t take me in the summer though, but they do this time of year. Come visit me sometime. I like visitors.