Pet Companions Club to hold annual election

Jim Ellison

The Pet Companions Club of PebbleCreek will be holding its annual election during the January 10, 2018 annual membership meeting. According to our bylaws, our Board of Directors consists of a minimum of four and maximum of eight members. Term of office is two years. Our Board of Directors is divided into two groups with half elected each year. During our January election, we will be electing a vice president, secretary, and two Directors at Large.

Any member interested in running for a position on our Board of Directors should submit his/her name to the Board no later than our November 1, 2017 general membership meeting. Nominees must be paid up members in good standing.

We encourage club members interested in influencing the direction of the Pet Companions Club to step forward and become candidates for these positions. We need active involvement of our members in order to remain a viable organization.

Members willing to submit their names as candidates can do so by email, phone, mail or in person at the November meeting.

The club’s mailing address is The Pet Companions Club of PebbleCreek, P.O. Box 6106, Goodyear, Arizona 85338-0619.

If you are interested in animal welfare issues, but you are not currently a Pet Companions Club member, please consider joining. It is not necessary to be a pet owner, just have an interest in animal welfare and a desire to help our animal rescue efforts.