PebbleCreekers in Logan, Utah

Pat Jensen

About 70 people from PebbleCreek spent part of their summer in Logan, Utah participating in the Summer Citizen program that Utah State University puts on every summer. Very affordable housing is available and the temperature is usually cooler than Phoenix. They offer many classes in a variety of subjects which offer an opportunity to stimulate the mind or the body. In addition to what USU offers, the city celebrates a music festival every July. They perform some professional musicals, an opera and some plays. There are free concerts every day at noon that include many genres of music.

The campus is at the foot of some beautiful mountains that have numerous hiking trails, fishing and lots of historic places to visit. Golf, tennis and pickleball were also available.

If you have any questions about the program, feel free to ask any of us in the photo. USU comes to visit PebbleCreek and other communities like ours in February but you can also find out more info by searching the Summer Citizen program online.