PebbleCreek Woodcarvers Club notice

Tom Wick with several of his recent carvings. From left to right are a Kachina, Northwest Indian Rattle, Northwest Indian Bowl, Northwest Indian Mask and a set of three Kachinas on a base.

Tom Wick is one of many accomplished woodcarvers in the PebbleCreek Woodcarvers Club.

Tom moved to PebbleCreek about seven years ago and started woodcarving shortly after arriving. He was new to woodcarving and the club members quickly taught him the basics, then helped him to develop his skills on projects that interested him. Tom carves with a combination of rotary tools, knives, gouges and an adze. His preferred subjects are Kachinas and Northwest Indian items.

Tom has taught classes on carving Northwest Indian items and served in the club leadership as a Vice President (2016) and President (2017). Tom said he was appreciative of the strong willingness of club members to help folks get started carving and to continually improve their skills. Most club members had never carved before joining the Woodcarvers Club but they find that they can quickly learn the skills to make great carvings.

The Woodcarvers Club meets in the Quail Room in the Creative Arts building on the Tuscany side of PebbleCreek. The club has general meetings on the second Tuesday of each month at 9:00 a.m. from October to April. Formal classes started in October and many classes are full, but if you have an interest in learning to carve contact Joel Hawkins via email at or stop by the Quail Room and there will usually be someone there to get you started. Carving equipment is available for use during your first two classes to see if you like carving. So, stop by the Quail Room and see what you can create from a block of wood.