PebbleCreek Tennis Club News and Reflections

Roxie Forrest

We have a highly active and growing club amidst the changing environment we have become all too familiar with.

Our club has been able to continue to operate but not without the board and members who have helped to keep tennis going throughout this pandemic. Currently, we have 311 members and have been consistent throughout the year. The board has also decided that members will not have to pay dues for 2021.

Speaking of our board, we are pleased to announce the new members who have been elected for 2021: Shelley Bain, Donna Gillen, and Acquine Jackson!

Ongoing approvals and progress have continued to move along. Bird deterrents have been installed on top of all Eagle’s Nest and Tuscany Falls court lights. New scorecards have been installed, and they are great! New windsocks were installed on both ends of Court 10. Resurfacing of 9, 10, and 11 is scheduled for 2021.

Although we are not having socials at this time, Thursday night tennis is off and running and has filled five courts each night!

Reflections of 2020:

I think it is safe to say 2020 has not gone in the direction any of us could have planned. It was tempting to rip the last three months off the wall calendar and flip to January 2021 so we could get back to normal, right?

Beyond the clear implications of COVID-19 shattering the world as we know it, 2020 had other occurrences that have caused some reflection. The person you were a few months ago had none of these experiences under their belt! With all these experiences, your outlook and view have likely been impacted. When reflecting even on the worst situation, you must find something to learn from it to grow.

With all the adversity, discord, and division we have endured, the past nine months seem to have passed slower than ever before.

Change can be scary, uncomfortable, and paralyzing. It can spark anger, sadness, contempt, and depression. However, change can be good. It can push us out of our comfort zone. It can promote growth in awareness, problem solving, and self-sufficiency.

It is up to us—all of us—to develop a vision beyond 2020 that is brighter and better for all of us.

This brings us to the year ahead. Though the pandemic may be with us for quite some time, the world continues to turn, and it is exciting to look at 2021 and think about something other than masks.

That said, we should all be proud of the work our board and club members have done to put us where we are today. Clearly, this progress has been made possible because of the loyalty, focus, hard work, and professionalism of our members.

Farewell 2020! We have learned lots from you. We will never forget you!