PebbleCreek named Host Club of the Year

PebbleCreek Communications

PebbleCreek Golf Resort has been named 2017 Host Club of the Year by the Arizona Women’s Golf Association (AWGA). PebbleCreek was one of 15 courses that hosted AWGA events in 2017 and, based on feedback from participating players, was awarded the prestigious Host Club Award by earning the highest favorable ratings.

PebbleCreek hosted the AWGA 2016 State Medallion event (an honor in itself), and following the tournament, members and volunteers rated our club in the following categories:

* First impression of the course

* Outside Service Staff

* Practice Facility conditions

* Course Conditions

* Golf Shop and Golf Course Staff support for the event

* Ladies Golf Association support for the event

* Food & Beverage

“Receiving the Host Club of the Year Award demonstrates that a facility has a powerful golf operations team to help us with all of the tournament details,” commented PebbleCreek LGA President, Marilyn Reynolds. Our PebbleCreek PGA Director of Golf, Jason Whitehill, is an integral force behind our club winning the award. Jason is an excellent manager of people who sets high standards, motivates people to want to do their best and who has made the environment at PebbleCreek nicer in every way possible. He’s an outstanding communicator who fosters better understanding among all parts of the club and has turned a lot of things around. The high scores received for hosting the 2016 Medallion event bear witness to the effectiveness of the changes Jason has implemented.“

“It was such an honor to have the AWGA State Medallion Tournament here,” said Jason. “To have the best women amateur golfers from all over the state here at our club was just an amazing coup, and then to be named Host Club of the Year — what a tremendous accomplishment.” Jason credits his terrific outside service staff, golf shop staff and food and beverage team as well. “Totally a team effort,” enthused Jason.

The AWGA also recognized PebbleCreek Golf Resort’s Golf Chairman, Lyman Gallup, as their 2017 Volunteer of the Year. Lyman joined the AWGA as a Rules Official in July 2014 and has been Rules Chair for three years. “In that short time, he has made a large impact on our organization, bringing his vast years of experience and congenial personality to his role on the committee,” noted AWGA Director of USGA Programs, Erin Groeneveld. “Lyman has true dedication to the game of golf and to growing the game for women. The endless hours he has spent researching, editing, and putting 100% towards making AWGA events professionally presented is so appreciated! His vast knowledge is enough to set him above most, but his warm personality that is so well received by the ladies is what truly sets him apart.”

The Arizona Women’s Golf Association was born in 1924, but under a different name. Records are fuzzy from those days, so the original name is unknown, and the AWGA has functioned under four different names over the years. They adopted their current name in 1991 when the association was incorporated.