PebbleCreek Democrats and Legislative District 13 host joint meeting

Alisa Moore

“Precinct” “Legislative District” “Congressional District” “Maricopa County Democratic Party” “Arizona Democratic Party” What’s the difference? What do all these terms mean and how do they impact a voter?

Dozens of PebbleCreek Democrats, fresh from their Labor Day holiday travels and family visits, attended a Joint Special Meeting of the Pebble Creek Democratic Club and the Legislative District 13 (LD 13) Committee on September 5 to learn about the Arizona political structure, hear from state-level candidates, share fellowship and be invited to participate in a variety of volunteer opportunities.

Robert Conley, President of the PebbleCreek Democratic Club, welcomed Terry Goddard Gunn, Chair of the Arizona Legislative District 13 Democrats. Terry’s PowerPoint presentation and narrative explained how each piece of the party is organized and what their respective responsibilities are. The same organizational system exists for each of the major parties. She also introduced the precinct committee people for PebbleCreek (there are 10) and volunteers from PebbleCreek who have been active in the primary and midterm campaigns.

Michelle Harris, Candidate for Arizona State Senate in LD 13, brought us all up to date on the successes of the primary election. More Arizona democrats voted in this primary election than ever before, including 84 percent of all registered Democrats in PebbleCreek! In the 2016 primary, that number was already an impressive 61 percent and we have far more candidates on the ballot this year than two years ago. In addition to an expanded candidate list, we have been out registering more new voters than the other parties and campaigning and informing voters in massive numbers through canvassing, phone banking, postcards and letters to voters to remind them that every vote counts. All volunteers are welcome whether or not they are members of the club. Tom Tzitzura also spoke to the crowd regarding his campaign for the Arizona State House, LD13.

The next club meeting Candidates and Causes is October 3 at PebbleCreek Tuscany Falls. A social hour precedes the 7:00 p.m. meeting. Come and join us, meet your fellow Democrats who live here in PebbleCreek, talk with candidates and learn about the initiatives and pending ballot measures.

For more information about the PebbleCreek Democratic Club, please visit and follow us on Facebook at PebbleCreek Democratic Club. The Legislative District 13 Facebook page is @AZLD13Democrats.