PebbleCreek Camera Club is forming

Adriana Greisman

The new PebbleCreek Camera Club is off to a fantastic start. Approximately 25 interested photographers, ranging from novices to professionals, met in January to discuss their interests and how we might organize the club. Organizational plans are proceeding well with a meeting of possible Board members scheduled for February 17 and a Wildlife Photography outing at the Phoenix Zoo scheduled for February 15.

An additional outing for Urban/Night Photography has been scheduled for the afternoon/evening of March 14 at Tempe Town Lakes. The Camera Club’s next general meeting will be held on March 5 at 6:30 p.m. in Room 108, EN Activities Center. The general meeting will consist of informal critiques of photos taken during the zoo outing, guidance on how to improve the photos utilizing post processing in Adobe Lightroom, general information on urban/night photography, and an update on organizational issues.

Please contact Adriana Greisman at for details on the club and for detailed information regarding the March 14 outing.