PCSSA prepares for the 24th season

Prepping the field for play.

Fred Dresser

The previous article provided you with some of the many items that the PCSSA must accomplish prior to their opening day on Saturday, October 20.

Number one on the list is field preparation. A lot of work is required to prepare the field for the upcoming season. Fresh dirt is brought in to ensure that the infield playing surface will be ready to handle the ground balls and to remove the excuse that the ball took a bad hop. A laser is then used to ensure that playing surface is level.

Next the player draft was held on September 22, to allow the managers to assemble their dream team. This draft is handled just like the drafts associated with professional sports teams. Prior to the actual draft, the managers were provided with a listing of the available players eligible for the draft. A total of 168 players were selected to make up the fourteen teams.

Uniforms are ordered, pre-season practices scheduled and the opening day program planning swings into full gear.

At this time, we would like to acknowledge and thank the following individuals for their efforts to ensure that the field would be ready and that the draft would go smoothly:

Jan Hangen, Director of Field Maintenance, thank you for working with outside vendors as well as the PebbleCreek Golf Course Maintenance personnel to ensure that our Field of Dreams was ready to go by October 20.

Dawn Hangen, Director of League Personnel, thank you for the hours you spent providing the player listings to the managers and board. Keeping track of 168 plus players is no easy task.

Mark Roberts, webmaster and draft room player recorder, thank you for keeping our website up to date and keeping everyone in line during the draft process.

As you read the above, opening day and the draft will have occurred.

More to come next month.