PCM9GA promotes Pace of Play initiative

Christopher Mucha

Recently, the Golf Channel declared June as Pace of Play month. PCM9GA, “the Niners” have taken on the challenge to help improve the Pace of Play here at the PebbleCreek Golf Courses. Vice President, Trevor Ballinger, is taking the lead within the club, with his POP Committee, to promote this initiative. “Pace of Play is not about rushing a round of golf,” Trevor comments. “It is not intended to create an environment that puts pressure on golfers to hurry up a round. It is about managing the round to be more efficient and create an enjoyable time for all who are on the course.”

Pace of Play is not “the other guy’s” responsibility. It’s a personal responsibility; if you drag out play, it not only affects your foursome, but delays all others who are playing the course. There’s a myriad of simple things we all can do to improve our Pace of Play on the course. The Niners put out simple Tips of the Week as well as positively reward golfers who demonstrate a commitment to improve.

Come ready to play; respect the game; improve your Pace of Play on the course.