PCM9GA enjoys October offsite play

Bruce Hulbert

Despite the inconvenience imposed by closure of PebbleCreek golf courses for overseeding, this does provide an opportunity to play other courses one may not ordinarily play and to compare these courses with our own PebbleCreek courses. In these comparisons, our courses compare very favorably with these competitors and far better than some.

The Falcon Dunes Course at Luke Air Force Base was in excellent condition and also provided more contour and elevation changes than our home courses. The golf and food service, as always, was the best. The winners were reported earlier in last month’s Post. The same cannot be said for the Hillcrest Golf Club Course at Sun City. The course was not in good condition with no cart paths and irregular rough and fairway cutting. The contracted lunch did not include all requested items. The Coyote Lakes Golf Club was excellent in all respects including food service. It has a lot of desert rough but is otherwise quite comparable to our courses.

At Hillcrest our four closest-to-the-pin winners were Don Drummond, Gary Draus, Tom Pizzello and Bob Clearwater. Best scores were Gerald Sots 74, followed by Ernie Guillaume, Ray Clements, Mike D’Onofrio, Rick Goodwin and Don Simons. At Coyote Lakes closest-to-the-pin were Don Burrows, Paul Parker, John Brown and Kelly Neil. Lowest scores were Bob Clearwater 79, followed by Mike D’Onofrio, Paul Parker and Don Simons. The Clement Scramble was won by Ray Clements, Pat Moore, Gary Lord and Ernie Guillaume.

The event at Sun City Country Club on November 2 was equally enjoyable and successful. The course was in fine shape and all cart and food service was excellent. Closest-to-the-pin were Trevor Ballinger, Gary Ruehl, Monte Page and Bob Geiges. The Clement Scramble was won by Tom Booth, Jay Ward, Gary Houser and Gary Ruehl. Lowest scores were Rich McCurdy 81, followed by Jeff Furnin, Greg Ray, John Barton and Jerry Variola.

We are now looking forward to playing on our home courses! For PebbleCreek Men’s Nine Hole Golf Association (PCM9GA) information contact Bruce Hulbert at 623-535-8761 or any of the Association officers whose contact information is posted on all Pro Shop bulletin boards.