PCM9GA announces Nov. 17 and Dec. 8 tournament results

Erv Stein

With the annual reseeding operations completed in early November, our PCM9GA continued with our exciting late fall event schedule with the first two on-site PebbleCreek Tournament events utilizing both the front and back nine of our Eagle’s Nest Course.

The participation for these events was again seasonally substantial due to the return of our snowbird members and the attendance of both events was above 100. While AGA course ratings are primarily based upon Slope which can vary anywhere from 55 to 155 with an average course slope rating of 113, Eagle’s Nest, the first two of our five PebbleCreek nine-hole courses, with a 122 slope rating, happens to be my preferred favorite. That being said the Eagle’s Nest PAR 5 holes 1 and 9 offer interesting challenges and the four PAR hole 18 still remains a unique challenge although somewhat less now that the rough area at about 200 yards from the tee has been cleared up considerably.

As for tournament formats, the November 17 event utilized the Cha-Cha-Cha format which requires either one, two or three net team’s scores to be utilized depending upon the hole; however, the December 8 event deployed the alternate Two Net Low Scores for each team.

Kudos to the winning foursomes and Closest to the Pin winners as follows:

November 17 – Cha-Cha-Cha Tournament

Front 9 Net Team Score Team Members

1st 60 Steve Rottger, Joe Nasal, Clay Troxell, Dick Rippe

2nd 62 Tom Wagner, Russ Georgesen, Ted McGovern, Randy Prinz

3rd 63 Steve Ward, Rob Risden, Greg Sork, Larry Larson

Back 9

1st 53 Connie Neeley, Tom Pizzello, Marty West, Jim Tackett

2nd 60 John Heinz, Guy Andrus, Brian Rothwell, Sam Smith

3rd 61 Rich McCurdy, Bob Mantucca, Jim Quattrone, Pete Caviolo

Closest to the Pin Rick Goodwin, Pat Spellacy, Ole Lodberg, Rich McCurdy

December 8 – Two Low Net Tournament

Front 9 Net Team Score Team Members

1st 59 Todd Christenson, Greg McKenzie, Gary Lord, Shahid Meici

2nd 61 William Bradshaw, Rob Risden, Clay Troxell, Hank Franzone

3rd 62 Pete Pederson, Dennis ridgeway, Ed White, Steve Lookabaugh

Back 9

1st 56 Dick Atwater, John Craven, Jim Martin, Larry Larson

2nd 57 Joe Nasal, Pat Sherlock, Gary Jaffe, Randy Prinz

3rd 57 Mike Bunn, Rene’ Lefebvre, Don Burrows, Mike Siep

Closest to the Pin Gary Havens, Greg McKenzie, Dave Rossi, Ken Knox

Our PCM9GA just completed an outstanding Holiday Party and our full first quarter 2017 events include the Phoenix Coyotes Hockey Game followed by our Beat the Pro Tournament on February 2 and Member Guest Tournament on February 23.

Our PCM9GA, now at about 350 members, highly encourages prospective new members to join our fun-loving group which welcomes golfers at all skill levels. The annual $50 cost includes dues for the AGA membership which is essential for handicap reporting. Please visit the PebbleCreek PCM9GA website at www.PCM9GA.org or you may contact our current PCM9GA Membership Chairman Bruce Hulbert at 623-535-8761.