PCM9GA and Friends Enjoy Outing at Top Golf

PCM9GA Golfing Niners and friends tee it up at Top Golf.

PCM9GA Golfing Niners and friends tee it up at Top Golf.

Christopher Mucha

On Nov. 16, 60 of the Golfing Niners and their friends enjoyed a competitive, fun-filled outing at Top Golf. The day began with a sumptuous breakfast buffet, and then ten teams competed in a variety of skill games, arranged by the hosts. Top Golf professionals left our participants in awe with their trick shot skills. This was the first such outing by the PebbleCreek Men’s Niners Golf Association (PCM9GA), but judging by the overwhelming positive responses, the event will be repeated, with even more participants in the future.

Winning scores for each of the teams were as follows:

1. Score 602 – “Top Guns” – James Mitchell, Ruth Mitchell, Bruce Hacker, Pat Hacker, Don Beck, and Adrianne Beck

2. Score 589 – “Clemdog Creekers” – Ray Clements, JoAnne Clements, Louis Beaulieu, Pauline Beaulieu, Gary Ruehl, and Renee Lefebvre

3. Score 575 – “Hatfield Duffers” – Alan Hatfield, Mike Bunn, Dave Eckert, Bill Lansing, Rick Fulton, and Joe Duck

4. Score 414 – “Golf Meisters” – James Stahl, Cynthia Stahl, Cliff Truax, Jacquline Truax, Steve Carroll, and Pam Carroll

5. Score 400 – “Missing Stan” – Steve Braden, Bob Voccola, Ken Maus, Jeff Caren, and Randy Vlcek

6. Score 392 – “Sinclair Sinners” – Bob Sinclair, Phyllis Kjearsgaard, Bernie Banquart, Julie Banquart, George Driedger, and Gladys Driedger

7. Score 370 – ” Weekend at Bernie’s” – Joe Oliver, Anne Nimmo, Norma Guillaume, Bill Wagner Jr., and Trish Wagner

8. Score 358 – “Boobs & Balls” – Steve Shaver, Linda Shaver, Tom Booth, Christ Booth, Bill Gray, and Liz Gray

9. Score 294 – “Getting Closer” – Pat Sherlock, Jean Sherlock, Gary Havens, Lynn Havens, Jed Weisman, and Pat Heryna

10. Score 290 – “Sexy Sex Em” – Gary Houser, Christi Houser, Russ Georgesen, Mary Georgesen, Dave Roe, and Patty Green