PCLGA welcomes new members

Bev Clinton

The PCLGA extended a warm welcome to nine new members at both our Kickoff Tournament on November 14, 2017 and again the next day at a luncheon at the home of Sharon Dawe. The new members who were able to attend the kickoff and/or the welcome luncheon are Jeannie Alvarez, Denise Byrne, Teresa Christianson, Jackie Goupil, Cheryl McGovern, Tricia Self, Mary Stehula, Linda Sweet and Liz Wenzler. With the addition of these new members, the PCLGA now has 268 members.

The welcome luncheon was a lovely event and in addition to the new members was attended by PCLGA President Marilyn Reynolds, several other board members and the Membership Committee. Each new member introduced herself and told everyone a little bit about her background and her relationship to golf. Not only did everyone get a chance to make new acquaintances and ask questions, there were also a lot of laughs. Several new members expressed their thanks for the warmness of the welcome and the efforts made to make their integration into a new, large organization a little easier.

Their thanks were directed largely to the PCLGA Membership Committee, comprised of Sue White (chairperson), Ann Page, Maria Murray and Sharon Dawe. These women hold sessions to help orient our new members to the association and are also there to answer questions and help everyone find their playing partners on Tuesdays. Just look for the ladies wearing the red and white scarves.

We are so happy to have all nine new members join us and look forward to seeing them on the course. Anyone else interested in joining a great group of women golfers who also know how to have a good time may obtain forms in the Eagle’s Nest Pro Shop. We’d love to have you join us!