PCLGA Players Enjoy Fantasy Football Golf Kick-Off

“American Football Conference” players

“American Football Conference” players

Our three referees (co-chairs)

Our three referees (co-chairs)

Chris Duprey

The Kick-Off Tournament for PebbleCreek Ladies Golf Association (PCLGA) was held on Nov. 12, on both Eagle’s Nest and Tuscany Falls East courses, with an 8:30 a.m. shotgun start. Ladies in flights 1, 3, and 5 were dubbed the American Football Conference and played on Tuscany Falls East. Ladies in flights 2, 4, and 6 were dubbed the National Football Conference and played on Eagle’s Nest.

Both conferences played the game “quarterback sneak” (aka hero ball). The foursomes were able to use the quarterback’s net score once, twice, or not at all to calculate the two best net balls.

Ladies really enjoyed the fact that if they fumbled a shot, they each got an “instant replay” (mulligan). To add to the fun, each player received a “game changer” move (magic putt).

Following the rounds, there was a tailgate party in the Tuscany Ballroom at the “Pigskin Bar and Grill.” The room was decorated in a football theme, and with all the football gear that the players wore, it really felt like a tailgate party!

The menu included grilled beer bratwursts with all the fixings, red potato salad, brownies, plus a beverage station.

A special tribute was made to Mary Coon in honor of her celebrating the 75th anniversary of her sweet 16 birthday. Everyone sang the traditional “Happy Birthday” song, and then Chanca Morrell sang a birthday song that she wrote for Mary.

The three referees (tournament co-chairs)—Teresa Christianson, Karen Myers, and Cherrie Pierson—did an outstanding job planning this super-fun event. Thank you, ladies.

First, second, and third place winners in all six flights received payouts. The winning teams were:

Flight 1:

1st: Amber Rivera, Mary Harris, Karen, Myers, and Cherrie Pierson

2nd: Kathy Hubert-Wyss, Suzanne Kanaly, Chanca Morrell, and Barbara Patrow

3rd: Andrea Dilger, Sue Abercrombie, Gail Sarro, and Jean Ostroga

Flight 2:

1st: Teresa Christianson, Judy Hauser, Carolyn Apodaca, and Carolyn Suttles

2nd: Cathryn Weaver, Karen Vagley, Claudia Tiger, and Bonnie Whittier

3rd: Marilyn Reynolds, Vicki Norrie, Donna Havener, and Leslie Lowery

Flight 3:

1st: Chris Urbatchka, Vera Isley, Mary Pinski, and Peggy Steffan

2nd: Ellen Stergulz, Sharma Fleming, Nancy Kyle, and Nancy Fackelman

3rd: Barbara Chilton, Denise Bryne, Paula Fix, and Diana Wolf

Flight 4:

1st: Donnie Meyers, Liz Wenzler, Emma Mosley, and Jayne Dinan

2nd-Pam Kale, Lea Morse, Pam Volm, and Ruth Shaffer

3rd: Gayle Hubbard, Louise Levanti, Deb Smedley, and Patricia Sabourin

Flight 5:

1st-Jane Richards, Dede Good, and Vicki McLaughlin

2nd: Linda Thompson, Carol Wolf, Judy Brown, and June Proznik

3rd: Chris Gruenwald, Sue White, and Tess Braden

Flight 6:

1st: Sylvia Robinson, Diane Faulkner, Judy Layton, and Kathee Mealer

2nd: Ruth Vohs, Carol Adkins, and Suzan Simons

3rd (tie): Sue Harrison, Kathleen Carney, and Diane Galewski

3rd (tie): Karin Smith, Sharon Smith, Mary Lou Cralle, and Geanie Aldridge

3rd (tie): Jan Peterson, Pat Smith, Sharon Dawe, and Mary Rollins

Congratulations to all!