PCLGA officers pass the baton

Bev Clinton

On April 30, 2018 the PebbleCreek Ladies Golf Association (PCLGA) board members and some committee chairs, out-going and in-coming, met at the home of Vice-President Chanca Morrell for a wonderful brunch and then one-on-one discussions to help in the transition of responsibilities.

For the 2018-2019 year, two of the key officers, Marilyn Reynolds, President, and Chanca Morrell, Vice President, were re-elected and will continue in their roles for one more year, the maximum allowed in the bylaws. Having Marilyn and Chanca continue to serve in their roles will bring valuable continuity to the PCLGA.

While some of the other board positions and committee chairs will remain in place, most are transitioning to new members. Those who began the transition during the brunch were Kathy Carney replacing Claudia Tiger as secretary, Linda Sweet replacing Jenna Ridgeway as treasurer, and Vicki Norrie and Judy Layton replacing Barbara Chilton and Sharon Johnson as chairs of major tournaments. Other transitions that will be taking place are Judy Hauser replacing Sharon Dawe as Parliamentarian and Barbara Chilton replacing Elaine Carlson as handicap chair.

Linda Thompson and Carol Sanders are teaming up to replace Tess Braden as Tuesday Play Chair. Plans are to develop a cadre of women who will learn the Golf Genius program and then build teams who can share the workload of Tuesday play and serve as resources for the PCLGA in years to come.

Thank you to all those who have served this last year and also to those who have agreed to step into these key leadership roles in the PCLGA. Thanks also to Chanca for single-handedly hosting the event. What a lovely way to pass the baton!