PCLGA Ladies Were Hot, Hot, Hot, in Summer Sizzler!

Cindy Sota

The Summer Sizzler lived up to its name on Aug. 11, when temps reached the teens. Seventy-two ladies from the PCLGA competed in the 2-Person Scramble with Twists partner event at the Tuscany Falls East course.

Susan Slaughter created a fun and exciting tournament with lots of surprises. She dedicated the competition to PCLGA President Ellen Enright, whose positive message always ends in encouragement, “Find your flame and keep it lit!”

There were nine regular scramble holes and nine scramble holes with twists.

Raffle tickets were awarded for net pars, birdies, and eagles.

Here’s how it played out:

Hole 2: Fun teeing off from the yellow teeing ground.

Hole 3: Play with the same club from tee-off into the hole.

Hole 5: Closest to the flame won a prize. Flame placards placed at the 100-, 150-, 200-, and 250-yard markers.

Hole 7: Shortest drive of team to be played.

Hole 9: Put the ball within six feet of the hole, it was good. Monica Lee smoked her 6 iron 138 yards within two feet of the flagstick for a net 2! Way to go, Monica!

Hole 11: Favorite hole! Players were instructed to bring their masks. One team member had to tee off blindfolded by their mask! If the player missed the shot, their partner could tee off without their blindfold starting with the second shot. Layne Sheridan birdied the hole and had a greater appreciation for sight-impaired golfers.

Hole 13: Another fun twist! Each player may throw the ball once instead of hitting it with a club. Ann Page, in perfect bowling form, rolled the ball 40 feet to the hole for a happy-tappy par!

Hole 16: Drive from the red teeing ground.

Hole 18: The final Twizzler of the Sizzler! Everyone tees off; one team had to play the ball farthest from the right or farthest from the left, depending on your team instruction.

Raffle winners won a cooling towel, ball marker, and golf ball tattoos.

Gift cards were purchased from Sugar N’ Spice and sweetened the pot to lucky winners.

Thanks to Kathy Worwa for the delicious flame cookies!

Thanks to volunteers!

The first-place teams, gross and net, each won $50; the second-place teams won $25.

Winners of the 2020 Summer Sizzler are as follows:

Flight 1: 1st Gross, Andrea Dilger/Susan Slaughter; 2nd Gross, Kittie Day/Anne Gaus

1st Net, Monica Lee/Cindy Sota; 2nd Net, Chanca Morrell/Kathy Smith

Flight 2: 1st Gross, Mary Falso/Vicki Norrie; 2nd Gross, Valerie Bobigian/Kathleen Nelson

1st Net, Jane Hee/Carolyn Suttles; 2nd Net, Barbara Chilton/Sharon Johnson

Flight 3: 1st Gross, Jenna Ridgeway/Ruth Shaffer; 2nd Gross, Jan DeHaven/Laura Ebel

1st Net, Laura Fischer/Sandra Rivera; 2nd Net, Tess Braden/Linda Sweet

Flight 4: 1st Gross, Carol Taylor/Cindy Tollefson; 2nd Gross, Lisa Ingraham/Sue White

1st Net, Pamela Asher/Lin Ochs; 2nd Net, Susan Bentson/Suzan Simons

Congratulations to all the sizzling winners!

A hot time was had by all!