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ShowTime gears up for an “Enchanted Evening”

Kathy Mitchell

Where have all the people gone? Although many of our actors and musicians take the opportunity to travel and escape the AZ heat during the summer, it is now time to prepare for the November ShowTime production. Vacations don’t put a damper on rehearsals. Leading our troupe doing behind the scenes prep is our team of creative directors and musicians who know how to prepare for a show, even when the stage is empty. The show must go on!

The fall show is titled Some Enchanted Evening – the Music of Rodgers & Hammerstein. This music is timeless and touches the hearts of all ages. Most of us have grown up singing along with the music of Oklahoma, Sound of Music, South Pacific and many others. This musical brings to the stage a full array of the familiar music to which we know almost all the words.

So, how do we put a show together with most of the cast gone during the summer? We have amazing musical talents in Shirley Nebergall and Bev Griggs who put together recorded piano tracks that our cast can take with them on their summer travels. When we are all finally gathered together, we can focus on getting the songs ready for the stage. The cast features a collection of some of the best singers in PebbleCreek – some favorites whom you’ve come to know: Pat Ingalls, Gary Luders, Nancy Davis, Doug Christensen, Patrice Cole and Carole Palmer. We also have some new voices to present, such as Barbara Bramble, Karen Bush, Barry Eisler, John Flynn, Nita Mazorati and Doug Will. Other cast members are Katie and Dan Croy, John and Bette Fuhrmann. None are pictured here…no photo…because they are all off enjoying their summer, but everyone will be ready to hit the stage next month for a fantastic production of some of the most memorable music you will ever hear.

The show runs from November 12–19 with ticket sales starting on October 13. Put those dates on your calendar, and we’ll see you in the theater.

Auditions for “12 Angry Jurors” next month

Laurie Farquhar

The American classic drama, 12 Angry Jurors, is coming to PebbleCreek next spring and all residents are invited to audition for this PC Players production.

Known for its intense look into our country’s justice system, 12 Angry Jurors (also known as 12 Angry Men) explores the inner workings of a jury as they deliberate the fate of a 19-year-old man accused of killing his father. Emotions run high and tempers flare in a room that is already hot because the air conditioning has failed.

There are 13 roles available in this production and Director Donna Gray will cast both men and women in these parts. Auditions will be held Monday, October 22 and Tuesday, October 23, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., in the Tuscany Ballroom. Audition materials are available starting September 17, from Producer Patti Wegehaupt, 623-536-7233 or patticakes82000@gmail.com. For more information, contact Director Donna Gray at 602-321-1597 or dmgray@yahoo.com.

12 Angry Jurors, which runs only four nights from Wednesday, March 6 to Saturday, March 9, will have audiences on the edge of their seats. Wouldn’t you like to be a part of this outstanding production?

Singers rehearsals begin

Diane Piehl

The PebbleCreek Singers, under the direction of Gail Kennedy, are anxiously waiting the start of rehearsals on September 10 beginning at 2:30 p.m. in the Renaissance Theater. The chorus will receive its Christmas music, having an opportunity to listen to all the pieces at the first rehearsal. Each member will receive a prepared CD of his/her respective part to work on at home. The learning parts are also available on Drop Box, which is yet another new method for mastering the music selected.

It’s September, but before you know it, it will be Christmas and the chorus will welcome you to one of their performances as they deck the halls and get you into the holiday spirit. It is never too early to save a date on your calendar. So, mark down Tuesday, November 27 through Saturday, December 1 at 7:00 p.m. in the Renaissance Theater as an event you don’t want to miss.

This Land is Your Land: auditions

Laurie Farquhar

When you were in high school, did you dream of moving to New York to be a folk singer in a Greenwich Village coffee house? Or was headlining at your favorite summer folk festival your secret aspiration? Your wish may be about to come true when ShowTime presents a folk music revue next spring.

This Land is Your Land: A Celebration of American Folk Music will run six nights from Monday, April 8 to Saturday, April 13, 2019, but auditions will be held next month on Thursday, October 25 and Friday, October 26 in the Tuscany Ballroom from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Director Dave Silverstein says the show will cover much of the history of American folk music, starting with Woody Guthrie in the 1940s. However, most of the songs will be from the ’50s and ’60s and will include numbers originally performed by well-known folk musicians like Peter, Paul and Mary, the Kingston Trio, Joan Baez and Bob Dylan. This means there will be many solos and small group songs available. For those who prefer performing with an ensemble, there will also be a couple of large production numbers such as the ones sung by The New Christy Minstrels. In addition, there will be two narrators in the show.

All singers will perform with live music during the show (there will be a back-up band for those performers who do not play their own instruments) but for the audition, a CD with some of the musical tracks will be available from Assistant Director Holly Carrier, starting around September 12. To pick up an audition packet and/or book an audition time, contact Holly at 623-536-1847 or at bobandholly@cox.net.

American folk music is unique and an important part of our country’s history. Come and be part of a celebration of the songs that voiced the hopes and dreams of a generation when ShowTime presents This Land is Your Land: A Celebration of American Folk Music.

Opportunity knocks: September

PC Singers

September remains an opportunity to drop into a PebbleCreek Singers rehearsal and see what the chorus is working on. You might just like what is happening and wish to pick up an application across from the Eagle’s Nest pro shop; complete it and reach out to Nancy Gustafson, who will arrange to meet with you. She and her team will listen to your voice and place you in the part most suitable to your vocal range.

The chorus rehearses in the Renaissance Theater on Mondays and Wednesdays beginning September 10 from 2:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m.

Don’t be bashful; all voice parts are open at the moment and who doesn’t love Christmas music!

PC Players

Auditions for 12 Angry Jurors are scheduled for Monday, October 22 and Tuesday, October 23 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. in the Tuscany Ballroom. Audition material is available starting September 17 from Producer Patti Wegehaupt 623-536-7233 or patticakes82000@gmail.com. For more information contact Director Donna Gray at 602-321-1597 or dmgray@yahoo.com.

Performances will be Wednesday, March 6 to Saturday, March 9, 2019.