PC Hiking Club DIary

9,000 miles

Lynn Warren

Pete does it again! Last year he set a club record of 8,000 miles and this year, on May 24, maybe a couple of weeks ahead of schedule, Pete raised the bar and set another club record by reaching 9,000 career miles on an interesting nine-mile loop hike which required crossing Dry Creek in Sedona. On a previous attempt on this trail a couple of years ago, hikers were unable to cross the creek because of raging water—no problem this year since the creek lived up to its name and was dry as a bone. Along the way, the hikers stopped to toast Pete with orange juice and champagne and presented him with a card which indicated that exercise keeps a person young; so far, it seems to be working since Pete has been hiking with the club since 2006 and in recent years has averaged a thousand miles a year. Pete is the club’s “trailmaster” and loves to research new trails for the club to explore during the summer and add to the regular season schedule. Be sure to check again next year since it is likely that Pete will set yet another club record. The club hikes extensively around the valley; visit the club’s website at pchikers.org for more information and pictures.

Exploratory hike in Estrella Foothills

Pete Williams

On May 14, eight hikers from the PebbleCreek Hiking Club did an exploratory hike to map new trails in the nearby Estrella Foothills Park. The Estrella Mountain Yacht Club can be seen in the distant background. The club does exploratory hikes in the summer looking for suitable new hikes for the upcoming hiking season. The club does a reduced schedule of hikes (four per week) during the summer covering two levels (4-7 miles and 8-12 miles). The next club meeting will be September 20. Check out our website at pchikers.org for more photos and club information.