Patrol Report

Patrol Dispatched

Alarms All Other        5

Barking Dog        0

Animals Misc.        2

Animal Rules Leash        1

Animals Lost & Found        3

Auto Accidents        0

Bee Complaints        0

Cones Placed        4

Debris On Road        14

Damage to Property        1

Dead Animal Pickup        13

Disabled Vehicle        1

Disturbance        3

Dust Dirt Complaint        0

Escort Guest/Homeowner        3

Flag and Sign Violations        24

Flat Tire Assistance        0

Gate Malfunctions        12

Golf Cart Tow        7

Golf Course Rules        6

Holiday or sign Violations        1

Home Owner/Guest Assistance        15

House Vacation Watch        540

Jump Start        24

Lighting Rules        1

Lost and Found        5

Miscellaneous        53

Pool Rules        3

RFID’s Installed        98

Soliciting        3

Speeding Complaint by H/O        2

Suspicious Act/Person        4

Theft        0

Water Leak        24

Welfare Check        3

Weeds        4

Total Dispatches for Month        826

Violation/Courtesy Notices/Warnings

Driveway Parking        8

Disabled Parking Violations        1

Fire Lane Parking        1

Garage Door        64

Illegal Gate Entry        7

Expired Passes        6

RV Violations        3

Parking On Unpaved Surface        3

Street Parking        20

Trash Rules        52

Speeding Tickets/Warnings issued        7

Stop Sign Courtesy/Tickets Issued        16

Total        188

Gate #8 Construction Gate        662

Main HO Gates Count        60,021

October Reminders

As October arrives, we would like to remind all homeowners of the driveway parking rules.

Check Rules and Regulations 7.4 and 7.5 if you have any questions about driveway parking, street parking, or parking on non-paved surfaces.

Keeping our community looking like it does is important. Not having the streets cluttered with “large trucks, campers, RVs and stored vehicles,” maintains the appearance of the community and keeps our property values up. Probably the first time you came here you were impressed with the way the community looked and that was the main reason you bought here.

Let’s all do our part in keeping our community looking the same way it did then.

If you need to leave a vehicle in the driveway or street overnight, call patrol in advance to avoid getting a citation. Call 623-935-0387. The best time to call is between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m., but you can call 24/7.