Patrick Mahoney, Irish Singsation, Coming to the Tuscany Falls Renaissance Theater

Suzanne Rambach, Public Relations Director

Get out your checkbooks and set your calendar for Oct. 4. You don’t want to miss this fabulous show!

The PebbleCreek Irish American Club is proud to sponsor a fundraising event featuring the Irish Singsation, Patrick Mahoney. He will be performing in the Renaissance Theater on Oct. 4, at 7 p.m. This Vegas-style event will be loaded with high energy, great music, dancing, storytelling, comedy, audience participation, costume surprises, and more.

Tickets are $50 each and can be purchased by contacting Cheryl Kunkle, 571-643-5335 or Check out his website at

All proceeds from this concert will go to PebbleCreek associated charities and Millennium High School scholarships for college or vocational schools.

About Patrick Mahoney

Patrick Mahoney hails from the Emerald Isle’s capital city of Dublin, where he is a well-known performer and recording artist.

His high-energy song and dance shows serve as a testament to the training he received at the prestigious Bel Canto School, where Coach Frank Merriman’s teachings center on expression and storytelling.

Highly committed to continuing the art through enthusiastic song and dance, Patrick has previously shared his vocal excellence in many countries including Sweden, Germany, and the east coast of the United States. Patrick has appeared on television and radio shows in the United States and Europe, including his native Ireland, and has released three CDs to date.


After entertaining across the globe, Patrick is excited to bring his fun, lively, and high-quality shows to the west coast of the United States.

The best part of the show? It’s after the show! Patrick loves to meet and mingle with audience members. So please, stop by, say hello, and snap a selfie!