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The Cribbage Club held its annual meeting, December 6, 2018. The club by-laws were reviewed and the elections of officers took place. Your 2019 Cribbage Club’s officers are: President, Gary Lind; Vice President, Rich Rugg; Secretary/Treasurer, Donna von Oy; Membership/Publicity, Sandy Clinton.

The Cribbage Club meets every Thursday at 1:00 p.m. in the Tuscany Falls, Sienna Room. The Club is open to all PebbleCreek residents interested in playing a friendly game of cribbage. Also, if you are interested in learning how to play cribbage, come join us for an afternoon of fun. If you have a cribbage board and deck of cards, please bring them with you.

Our winners:

November 15: Bob LaChapelle, Doug Groves, Sheryl McLaughlin and Helen Groves

November 29: Denny Stoll, Don Meindersma, Bill McLaughlin, Diana Horton-Smith Ron Santoro

December 6: Don Meindersma, Ellis Dawson, Donna von Oy and Helen Groves

Save the date, the Cribbage Club annual party will be February 7, 2019 at Haymakers.

For more information contact Gary Lind at 623-215-4601; Rich Rugg at 623-856-5111 or Donna von Oy at 623-935-1967.


Tis the season, but what season? There’s been Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years and a host of smaller occasions, however, Pinochle is the season that never ends. There’s Pinochle past, Pinochle present and Pinochle future. We have no Scrooge because we are here to have fun and win the big money. Speaking of winning…

November Winners

November 1: 1st Place, Denny Wallon 7,330; 2nd Place, Mary Ann Chamberlin 6,430; 3rd Place, Debbie Doyle 6,380; Booby Prize, Laura Szakacs 3,870

November 8: 1st Place, Carlton Bjerkaas 7,320; 2nd Place, Terry Van Note 6,820; 3rd Place, Linda Ruhmann 6,750; Booby Prize, Mary Ann Chamberlin 3,780

November 15: 1st Place, Rich Rugg 6,880; 2nd Place, Sheryl McLaughlin 6,160; 3rd Place, Laura Szakacs 5,920; Booby Prize, Howard Shannon 4,340

November 29: 1st Place, Sheryl McLaughlin 7,730; 2nd Place, Terry Van Note 6,740; 3rd Place, Skip Holmes 6,560; Booby Prize, Joan Wallon 3,130

Pinochle, what a game. One week you’re the winner, the next you get the Booby Prize, but if you play with us you always have fun. Every Thursday night at the Tuscany Clubhouse 6:30 p.m. sharp.


Mary Ann O’Brien

Best wishes to Marilyn after successful shoulder surgery. Hope Marilyn will be able to shuffle the cards soon, we miss her at the Euchre tables.

Winners for the month are as follows:

10/18 1st Bill Forshaw 58; 2nd JoAnn Kolesar 57; 3rd Muriel Milewski 56; Loners Bill Halte and Dan Unklesbay 3; Low Barbara Prevendar 32


1st George Clark 63; 2nd Marilyn Luke 59; 3rd Bill Halte 58; Loners Karen Mularon, Carole Hanely and Muriel Milewski 3; Low Dan Unklesbay 32

11/1 1st Bill Halte 56; 2nd JoAnn Kolesar 52; 3rd Jerry Fox 51; Loners Duane Hauser and Sandy Blackburn 4; Low Marilyn Luke, Bill Callahan and Bill Todd 38

11/8 1st Tom Reynolds 54; 2nd Dennis Hanely 53; 3rd George Clark 52; Loners Alex Elijew and Gil Butson 3; Low Jeanette Ratliff 30