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The Cribbage Club meets every Thursday at 1:00 p.m. in the Sienna Room, Tuscany Falls. The Cribbage Club is open to all PebbleCreek residents interested in playing a friendly game of cribbage. If you have a cribbage board and deck of cards please bring them with you.

Here is our winners report:

September 20: Norm Mercer, Denny Stoll, Bill Forshaw and Rich Rugg

September 27: Bill Forshaw, Gary Lind and Donna von Oy

October 4: Norm Mercer, Bob LaChapelle and Denny Stoll

October 11: Bob LaChapelle, Denny Stoll, Norm Mercer and Dennis Tupper.

Congratulations to Dennis Tupper, who had a 28-point hand on October 4. Wow!

For more information, please call: Gary Lind at 623-215-4601, Rich Rugg at 623-856-5111 or Donna von Oy at 623-935-1967.


By the time you are reading this we will be well into the fall season or SRS (i.e. Snowbird Return Season). The weather is just what we all came to Arizona for, but don’t blink, because soon you’ll be putting on your winter coats. This is also great pinochle weather, so come join us.

September Winners

September 6: 1st Place, Bill Mclinden 6,840; 2nd Place, Glenn Grube 6,650; 3rd Place, Marion Helton 6,590; Booby Prize, Kim Holmes 3,810

September 13: 1st Place, Kim Holmes 7,310; 2nd Place, Khana Soper 7,100; 3rd Place, Skip Holmes 6,590; Booby Prize, Larry Soper 4,240

September 20: 1st Place, Skip Holmes 7,200; 2nd Place, Bill Hodgdon 6,920; 3rd Place, Stan Zdunczyk 6,710; Booby Prize, Glenn Grube 3,740

September 27: 1st Place, Rich Rugg 7,120; 2nd Place, Howard Shannon 7,020; 3rd Place, Stan Zdunczyk 6,450; Booby Prize, Debbie Doyle 3,460

The Pinochle Club gathers every Thursday at the Tuscany Falls Clubhouse, 6:30 p.m. sharp. Come join the fun.


The Euchre Club meets every Thursday evening at 6:30 p.m. in the Eagle’s Nest Clubhouse. To sign up, just show up. All you need is one dollar toward the prize money. You don’t need a partner.

Winners recently were Monika Charlesworth 59, Alex Potapoff and Bill Todd,58, Bill Callahan 61, Bill Halte 64 and Alex Elijew 61. All are first place winners.

Second place winners were Jim Hundt 58, Jack Engelbert 57, Alex Elijew 56, Sandy Blackburn 62 and Jerry Fox 57.

Third place awarded to JoAnn Kolesar 56, Bill Halte 55, Muriel Milewski 55, and Muriel again with 53 and Gil Butson 53.

Lone Hands went to Rosemary Rulka 3, Monika Charleworth 3, Jim Hundt 4 and Bob Ferro, Dick Stewart and Rosemary Rulka all with 2.

Somebody has to win and somebody has to lose. Our very good sports with Low Scores are Mary Ann O’Brien 30, Jeanette Ratliff and Bill Forshaw 39, Larry Blackburn 34, Jeanette Ratliff (again!) and Lovebirds George and Barbara Clark who shared the prize money for a tied score of 34.

If you have played Euchre in the past and would like to try your hand once again, come join us. We have a lot of fun!