Other Card Results


Sandy Clinton

The Cribbage Club meets every Thursday at 1:00 p.m. in the Sienna Room, Tuscany Falls. The Cribbage Club is open to all PebbleCreek residents interested in playing a friendly game of cribbage. If you have a cribbage board and deck of cards please bring them with you.

Here is our winners report:

March 15: Doug Groves, Bill McLaughlin, Dennis Tupper and Hoot Evers

March 22: Bill Forshaw, Bob LaChapelle, Doug Groves, Alex Elijew and Sheryl McLaughlin

April 5: Paul Messina, Denny Stoll and Pat Schmitz

April 12: Bill Forshaw, Teresa Funkhouser and Hoot Evers.

For more information, please call Gary Lind 623-215-4601, Rich Rugg 623-856-5111 or Donna von Oy 623-935-1967.


Mary Ann O’Brien

Euchre players meet every Thursday evening at 6:30 in the Eagle’s Nest Clubhouse.

Jerry Fox will accept your $1 toward prize money and Bill Halte will sign you in. Choose your table and your partner and play begins promptly at 7:00. Winners move…losers stay…partners change.

Euchre is a fast-moving game, (usually!) and you will be home by the time the sidewalks roll up in PC.

Come join us for an evening of fun.

We welcomed two new players last month as Gus Andrus and Glenanne Frolek joined us.

Recent scores are as follows:

March 1: 1st Sarita List 63; 2nd Dan Unklesbay 59; 3rd Mike Prevendar 58; Loners Hank Yates 6; Low Barb Prevendar 30

March 8: 1st Rosemary Rulka 61; 2nd Ron Glynn 55; 3rd Bill Callahan 53 and Dennis Hanely 53; Loners Shelly Foster 4; Low Mary Ann O’Brien 29

March 15: 1st Dennis Hanely 59; 2nd Duane Koberg 56; 3rd Sarita List 54 and Monika Charlesworth 54; Loners Len Liebowitz 4; Low Mary Yates 35

March 22: 1st Merl Austin 61; 2nd Sandra Desimone 58; 3rd Jack Pope 57; Loners Ron Wiltshire 4; Low Bill Forshaw 29

April 5:

1st Ron Glynn 61 and Dennis Hanely 61; 2nd Mary Yates 60; 3rd Monika Charlesworth 58; Loners Gil Butson, Len Liebowitz, Mike Prevendar 3; Low Georgia Messina 31

April 12: 1st Carole Hanely 56 and Bill Todd 56; 2nd Bill Forshaw 54; 3rd Dan Unklesbay 53; Loners Bill Halte 4; Low Lou Wulf 36


Skip Holmes

Amazing how quickly the seasons pass. It was winter and then before we knew it summer hit with the first triple digit day. Soon our fair-weather friends will fly north in seek of more fair weather, but through it all the Pinochle fans will remain faithful to our Thursday night passion.

March Winners

March 1: 1st place Illene Hodgdon 7,070; 2nd place Bob Gilman 6,570; 3rd place Bill McLuaghlin 6,550; Booby Prize Jerry DeKruif 3,700

March 8: 1st place Larry Soper 7,660; 2nd place Rich Rugg 7,480; 3rd place Skip Holmes 7,390; Booby Prize Sheryl McLaughlin 3,630

March 15: 1st place Carol Sanders 7,520; 2nd place Laura Szakas 7,300; 3rd place Mary Ann Chamberlin 7.090; Booby Prize Mary Ann Szakacs 3,720

March 22: 1st place Stan Zdunczyk 7,090; 2nd place Carol Sanders 7,060; 3rd place Sheryl McLaughlin 6,490; Booby Prize Danny Payon 3,810

March 29: 1st place Rich Rugg 7,160; 2nd place Bill Hodgdon 6,870; 3rd place Larry Soper 6,470; Booby Prize Karen Erickson

As always, we invite you to come join us. Thursday nights at the Tuscany clubhouse, 6:30 sharp.