News from the PebbleCreek Shalom Club

Laurie Rosenbloom

They came donned in their 50s and 60s attire; ready to mingle, dance and have fun. A crowd of about 90 people showed up. What a night! It takes creativity, teamwork and good planning strategies to make such a successful event. West Valley Story: A Murder Mystery had all these elements. First and foremost thank you to Shari Baer for organizing this night and Joan Grube who helped co-chair. Also, thanks to Director Ann Silverstein, Joan Grube – Activities (along with Martha Bergman and Allen Levine), committee members Bobbie Harris, Marsha Taplin, Ellen Winderlich, Martha Bergman, Allen Levine and Dave Silverstein. Phyllis Stein – Decorations, Centerpieces Committee – Martha Bergman, Ricki Isador, Joan Wendroff, Gail Drucker, Marsha Taplin, Helene Hausner and Gloria Kornbluth. Desserts and Munchies – Esther Eisler; Committee – Cindy Schwartz and Judy Friedman; Greeters Esther Schatz, Annette Blume and Ricki Isador; DJ’s – Mike Siegel and Roger Baer; Photographer Allen Levine and of course, Carl Schatz who helped with everything!

Our Chanukah party on December 17 (Eagle’s Nest Ballroom, 6:00 p.m.) is our next event. This year we will have two new menorahs purchased by the HOA (orchestrated by Lil Wattenberg). HOA board members, General Manager Bill Bernard and Mayor of Goodyear Georgia Lord are invited as our honored guests at the Chanukah lighting. Join us for a night of latkes, food stations, music and festivities!

Yes, we have our annual Christmas Day movie and dinner at Eest. More information will follow.

January 21 – A Social Evening

New and seasoned members will get together in small groups a.arious homes and dine on appetizers. Later everyone will meet at Eagle’s Nest Ballroom for dessert and the annual election of Shalom Club Officers. Esther Schatz and her committee will spearhead this event.

February 24 – Dinner Dance

Mark your calendar and get psyched for our annual dinner dance. Get out your fancy duds! Start finding your baby photos, as these will be table decorations. So much fun to look forward to!

Check out our website for additional information on events and to sign up for activities:

Interested in joining? Please contact Lil Wattenberg at or 623-536-6245.