News From Robson Reserve

Thoma-Holec Designs – creating designs for the seasons in life

Robson Reserve at PebbleCreek is anticipated to open this coming June with move-ins commencing July 1st. With six innovative floor plans to choose from, and the option of both assisted and independent living, this new luxury senior wellness community will be a perfect fit for a variety of resident needs. It will also feature on-site amenities such as a resort-style pool, movie theatre, yoga & fitness studios, game rooms, and a full-service salon. Just like the rest of the luxury resort feel of Robson Reserve, the interior design will be no exception. A senior-focused, national award-winning design firm, Thoma-Holec will ensure that Robson Reserve will exude luxury down to the very last detail.

According to one of the designers at Thoma-Holec, Tabitha Evans, the team’s design vision is to create a welcoming and elegant place in order for residents to feel like everyday life is a retreat. They want the residents to enjoy life in retirement and feel that the space they live in has a large impact on this. The designers want to ensure that their design truly embodies the world-class feel of a Robson Senior Living Community, while still feeling comfortable and homey. Evans says that their goal is to “create spaces where residents can be inspired and engage other residents through social interaction, activity and fitness.” This idea played a crucial role in the vision of the space. The team used design principles such as biophilla, texture, scale, contrast, and balance to create something truly one of a kind for Robson Reserve residents. They also used the stunning colors of the desert to bring out a natural color scheme throughout.

According to Evans, the philosophy of the company is at the heart of everything they do, “We understand the ways our environment has a profound effect upon our physical and mental well-being, which is why we design for the seasons in life that accommodates the changes that naturally occur as we age.” Evans mentions drawing current inspiration from the natural beauty of Arizona, from the mountains and sunsets to the flora and fauna. Incorporating the native landscape has been a vital part of helping the team bring their vision to life.

Evans also stated that they “worked directly with the owners, operators, architects, and other trades to create this incredible building. It takes a lot of hands to build something of this magnitude and to create something truly special.” Robson Reserve is incredibly excited to reveal the finished product to its residents and are confident residents will feel the same.

The time to take the next step in retirement is now. Appointments are currently available for prospective residents. Please contact the sales office to schedule a day and time to review the building layout, floorplans, ask questions about the new community. Visit or call 623.535.1613. Live the life you deserve at Robson Reserve.