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Shot of a group of elderly friends having drinks together

Shot of a group of elderly friends having drinks together

Our Residents Say It Best

Jessica Dingman, Marketing Manager

Are you curious what residents think about Robson Reserve? We suggest you take it from them, like resident Barbara Kordel. Barbara and her husband moved to Robson Reserve in July, 2019. For them, moving to the new community was an easy choice and one they were excited to make. After moving to Arizona for retirement over 20 years ago, the couple found themselves in their new home at PebbleCreek, a Robson Resort Community, where they lived together for 21 years. Barbara knew that she needed additional assistance, but did not want to leave the friendships and relationships they had built over the years, and they knew that moving to Robson Reserve would afford her the best of both worlds.

When they finally decided that additional levels of care were needed, Barbara said there really wasn’t much to think about and the choice was easy. Based on their experiences at PebbleCreek, including the amenities, staff and lasting friendships they had made, they knew moving to another Robson community was a great decision, and they were thrilled to learn that Robson Reserve could accommodate their changing needs.

Barbara says the first thing she did after they moved was join the Welcome Committee. She wanted new residents that may not have had experience with Robson before, to feel the excitement and sense of community she has felt from her own experiences. When asked about her favorite part about living at Robson Reserve, she said, “It genuinely meets all my needs. I get the extra care I need from my caregiver, I still live in a beautiful place with everything you could want or need, and if I want to leave, there is so much, including my church and shopping, right near the community.”

Barbara loves meeting new people at Robson Reserve, and still finds time for her friends at PebbleCreek as well. She enjoys the amenities that she can use and genuinely appreciates the level of care she receives, and her amazing caregiver. Although her husband has been spending some of his time learning to cook, Barbara says most nights they opt to have dinner at the restaurant, and enjoy one of the delicious meals prepared by the culinary team. According to Barbara, it’s just too good to miss out on.

Although there are many choices for senior living in Arizona, Barbara said that her choice to move to Robson Reserve was simple, and one she would undoubtedly make again. Whether you are looking for independent living or assisted living, Robson Reserve provides a variety of amenities and services to suit your needs. To learn more about our community, including the incredible services offered at Robson Reserve, visit or call 623-535-1613.

Senior Men Relax Lifestyle Dining Concept

Senior Men Relax Lifestyle Dining Concept

Making Friends After Retirement

Jessica Dingman, Marketing Manager

Making friends as you get older can be difficult, or so they say. At Robson Reserve, we foster an environment where residents can come together and form new friendships. Although it may look different than it used to, meeting new people does not have to be as hard as you think. Here are a few ways to make friends after retirement.

1. Don’t look farther than you have to. Sometimes things feel farther away than they really are. When it comes to making friends after retirement, we tend to forget about the people who live closest to us. Consider inviting your neighbors over for dinner or ask them to meet up for a drink. At Robson Reserve, you can invite your neighbor for a swim in the community pool or schedule time at the salon together.

2. Join a social club or gym. Whether it’s the yoga class or the club meeting, these are great opportunities to make new friends. Oftentimes, people who come to these classes or meetings are looking to be social as well. It’s a great time to strike up a conversation about the activity you’re engaged in.

3. Remember, age is just a number. In our younger years, the seniors hanging out with the freshman was a bold and daring move. However, as we get older, age gaps between friends seem to matter less. Remember that you don’t have to be the same age as your friends. As long as you have something in common, you would be surprised to find out how little age matters when you have similar interests.

4. Find people with similar interests. Speaking of similar interests, this is another great strategy for meeting new people. Make a list of the five things you love to do most, or maybe things you have not done but are interested in doing. Then find a way to get involved. Maybe it’s something creative like participating in an art session or trying a new game like Mexican Train. At Robson Reserve, our activities team does a wonderful job of putting together a calendar full of fun activities and events.

5. Connect with old friends. Oftentimes we get so worried about making new friends, that we forget about the friends that we used to have. Try reaching out to a friend you haven’t talked to in a while, or someone you lost touch with but would love to talk to again.

6. Volunteer. People who support the same cause are more likely to make connections with the potential for deeper, lasting friendships. Think about a few of the causes that matter to you and find a way to volunteer. Not only will it give you a mood boost, but you may also come out with a new volunteer friend.

7. Get out of your comfort zone. Sometimes, the easiest way, even though it might feel like the hardest, is to ask. How often do we see someone walking alone, or a group laughing about something we’d like to join in on? Although the idea may be uncomfortable, walk up and introduce yourself. Ask to be a part of the conversation.

8. Say yes. Similarly, saying yes can be important when wanting to make new friends. Too often, we are invited to do things, but then come up with a million excuses as to why we cannot. Saying yes opens you up to more opportunities to connect.

At Robson Reserve, your next-door neighbor might just become your new best friend! We encourage our residents to stay engaged with one another, and offer many activities, events, and amenities to do so. Learn more about the lifestyle at Robson Reserve by visiting or call 623-535-1613.