Monday/Wednesday core and strengthening class

Ellen Enright

Every Monday and Wednesday morning the dedicated class of Christy O’Gara gets up early and brings it to our fabulous core and strengthening class. There is nothing like it and we give it our best and forget the rest. We work hard and are there to build our strength, our balance, our focus and friendships in this wonderful community. We know we are all unique and everyone has something they worry about or carry with them. During our training sessions we encourage and support each other. We are there to share an awesome fitness experience. We share ourselves and celebrate each other in friendship like we did at our Fall Harvest Gathering. After class we share healthy food, conversation and camaraderie. We always work hard, enjoy our class, cherish our trainer and feel stronger and healthier for being a part of this excellent training class. Come join us; all are welcome and there is a level and place for everyone. Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.