Monday Non-Sanctioned Duplicate Bridge scores

Sandy Blackburn

Pairs Duplicate Bridge (non-sanctioned) meets every Monday at 12:15 p.m. in the Eagle’s Nest Palm Room. For more information call Sandy Blackburn, 536-8062. The following winners are for the indicated dates.

11/5/18: N/S 1st Art/Sylvia Lewis; 2nd Marnie Horn/Daele Proctor; 3rd Pat Anselmo/Dennis Yacobson. E/W 1st Kevin/Fran McManus; 2nd Gretchen Martin/Peggy Richardson; 3rd Anita Asp/Edie Hoechst.

11/12/18: N/S 1st John Macdonald/Jena Goodin; 2nd Nancy Duncanson/Ann Rohlman; 3rd Curt Kohlman/Geri Zurich. E/W 1st Kevin/Fran Mcmanu; 2nd Gretchen Martin/Peggy Richardson; 3rd Pat Anselmo/Dennis Yacobson.

11/19/18: N/S 1st (missing); 2nd Kevin/Fran McManus; 3rd Art/Sylvia Lewis. E/W 1st Nancy Duncanson/Ann Rohlman; 2nd Arline/Arnie Cronquist; 3rd Ruth/Gary Lord.

11/26/19: N/S 1st Jean Goodin/John Macdonald; 2nd Art/Sylvia Lewis; 3rd Patti Murphy/Susan Colborne. E/W 1st Gary/Ruth Lord; 2nd Mona Wyat/Yvonne Little; 3rd Sylvia Robinson/Evelyn Mercer.