May and upcoming activities for PC Democrats

Jan Race

The PebbleCreek Democratic Club Board and Social Committee welcomed their newest members at our “Newcomer Social” on Friday, May 3 at Patti and Joe McEnerney’s home, the third event of this type this year. As usual, a lively and thought-provoking time was had by all!

The PC Democratic Club goal is to have new members attend a social gathering dedicated just to them soon after joining. The gathering provides a chance for new members to meet each other, as well as get to know some of the current membership in a smaller, more intimate, informal setting.

Other May events include attending the Herberger Theater to see a play—Church and State which sparked some great discussion among our theater-goers. More information from that stimulating matinee at the theater is included in a separate article in the PC Post.

Then, 30 members will be participating in the TV Dinner/Game Show on Thursday, May 17. These types of events will continue during the summer months, given the level of interest. More information on the TV Dinner/Game Show will be included in the June issue of the PC Post.

On Thursday, July 26 the club members, friends and family will celebrate ‘Thanksgiving in July’ at Eagle’s Nest Restaurant.

The Social Committee is working on a fall 2018 line-up of fun, exciting activities, which will be posted on the club’s webpages, and announced in the PC Post.

To learn more about the PC Democratic Club, please visit or contact Club President Bob Conley at