LifeLong Learning at PebbleCreek

Everyone wins at Monday Morning Lectures

Shannon Tyree

Everyone wins at a Monday Morning Lecture by learning something new about an interesting topic, but some attendees win big when their tickets are drawn for door prizes, which might be tickets for future lectures or something special that’s tied to the lecture subject.

Esther Schatz, left, is the creative force behind those prizes, such as Reagan socks when his aide was the lecturer, or an official FBI t-shirt when agents spoke in October. This basket of goodies manufactured in AZ was the door prize at the March 12 lecture. To highlight the door prizes, the pictured poster was developed by Emily Grotta, right, and Phyllis Minsuk.

You may think it’s too early to think about next season but save Monday mornings beginning in October and you, too, might just walk away a winner!

LLL classes and lectures call for suggestions

Shannon Tyree

We have a suggestion box we’d like help filling with your ideas for classes and lecturers. Don’t worry, we’ll do all the leg work. All you need to do is let us know who you think would be a great speaker and we’ll do the rest. In past seasons both teachers and lecturers have been successfully suggested by residents and often are residents.

Maybe you read an interesting book on a relevant topic and thought it would be interesting to hear more from that person. Or perhaps you heard a lecture wherever you “nest” while traveling or at your summer home, and you think your friends at PebbleCreek might be interested, too. We are looking for educational topics that will challenge and stimulate attendees and open our minds to new ideas or points of view.

Speakers should have a depth of knowledge and expertise in an area, previous experience educating, inspiring and entertaining, and engaging and dynamic speaking skills. Speakers cannot be presenting a political, philosophical or religious agenda.

For class suggestions – either the topic or the teacher – send your ideas to

For lectures, visit the LLL website and use the dropdown menu under About Us and click on Ideas. There is an online form you can fill out and then email to Lorna Bray, director of lectures, at To show our appreciation for your suggestion, if a speaker you recommend, who was not already on our list, is engaged for a MML or Premier Lecture, we’ll offer you two free premier lecture tickets, a $30 value, for your efforts. We’re anxious to hear from you!

LLL Center available for educational classes and programs

Shannon Tyree

When LifeLong Learning is not holding classes or meetings, the LLL Center is available for other PebbleCreek educational groups. While it is difficult to schedule other groups during the LLL season, during the summer the room is frequently available.

In addition to the HOA, several groups have already used the center, including the Guitar Club, the DAR, and a book club that needed a place to meet. Only groups with an educational purpose may use the room, and it cannot be used for art, cooking or other classes that might damage the room’s furnishings.

If you would like to inquire about using the LLL Center, please send an email to with the purpose of the group, when you would like to meet, and a phone number where we can contact you.

LLL to develop new program on respect and tolerance for diverse groups

Shannon Tyree

At the February HOA meeting, when two incidents of racial harassment targeting members of our African-American community were discussed, the HOA and Robson asked LifeLong Learning to support programs to develop respect and tolerance for diverse groups.

LifeLong Learning has always scheduled lectures and classes that educate about the diverse culture of the state and country and it is uniquely positioned to deliver programs because of its 15-year history of successful scheduling and delivery of lectures, classes and special programs and events.

At a special meeting, the LLL board of directors unanimously adopted a resolution agreeing to collaborate as appropriate with the HOA board and RCI to foster cultural consciousness, courtesy and respect among PebbleCreek residents.

As RCI and the HOA develop ways to reach out to the community to plan such programs, LifeLong Learning will cooperate and help publicize them.

PC Reads meets every month

Shannon Tyree

Seasons change, snowbirds come and go and summer brings a slower pace in PebbleCreek. LifeLong Learning, however, has something for you throughout the year. PC Reads book club will continue to meet the first Thursday of every month, including during the summer months.

The free program began last June and has been a big hit with Creekers ever since. Some attendees come every month, while snowbirds flock to us when they are in town. Others decide if the book for the month appeals to them and come when they are interested. Each month, discussion of the book is facilitated by a different member of the PC Reads team and they are always insightful and thought provoking. Both men and women attend the meetings and books chosen cover a wide range of genres and topics.

This is a drop-in book club, meaning there is no requirement to join anything. Come when the book suits you. It’s an excellent way to meet new friends as well. Regular attendees get to know each other, staying after for a few moments to further discuss a book, similar books or to make plans to get together at another time.

In addition to filling the need for a year-round program, it also provides a place for people who are not in an established book club to meet others who enjoy books and reading. We all learn from drawing on a wide range of individuals that we might not otherwise encounter, and we read books that we perhaps wouldn’t select on our own.

Want to find out what books we will be reading next? The books are advertised several months in advance. Visit the PC Reads website listed under the Special Programs menu on the LLL website at Sessions are free but because of space limitations, registration is required.

In addition to finding out what books have been read and what’s to come, when you’re on the webpage, sign up for the monthly e-newsletter. It includes information about books, events at local libraries and news about what various book groups in PebbleCreek are reading.

We’ll see you this summer!