Kare Bears’ Korner

Introducing Ronnie Stalker

Teri Sellers

Ronni Stalker has recently joined Kare Bears as an Organizational Strategist. What is that? Everyone asks when they hear her title. Well, simply put, she is assisting us to evaluate everything that we do and how we do it, so that going forward we will be the best and strongest organization possible.

Historically, we’ve been so busy providing service and meeting immediate needs we haven’t taken time to step back and look at our history and our work. We needed someone to step in and take the helicopte.iew. We are so busy “doing” we haven’t taken time to step back and take a broade.iew. Kare Bears has adde.alue to PebbleCreek, and in the future we want to be what the residents need and want. Looking ahead, we need to understand our emergent needs so we can continue to add the same level o.alue and service to our community.

Dr. Veronica Stalker (Ronni) has a background in leading growth organizations. Organizational strategy, analysis and long-term planning in the public, non-profit sector have defined her career. She was recruited by the Kare Bears Board to observe the operations and activities of Kare Bears, analyze our work and lead the Board in a strategic planning process.

Ronni’s experience includes: Superintendent of Schools 1994-2005, fastest growing school district in Iowa; Executive Director of the Iowa Association of School Boards, 2009-2010, at a time of crisis, loss of confidence among member districts, lack of trust. That organization returned to a position of public trust and confidence. She also served as the Interim Superintendent, 2006-2007, in a School District in a time of community conflict and division.

Ronni works for the Kare Bears under an annual contract which will be renewed only as needed. She is reimbursed for her time, skills and expertise. She is not a Board Member, but she is .aluable asset to Kare Bears.

Our goal is to serve our PebbleCreek community as well in 2017 with 4700 homes as well as we did in the beginning. Our goal is to meet the needs of our community at the highest level of service and to emerge with a strategic plan that will guide our continuing service to PebbleCreek.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me – Teri Sellers, Kare Bears Board President, at  KareBearsPresident@gmail.com.

Kare Bears Holiday program

Teri Sellers

The annual Kare Bears Holiday Program, originally scheduled for December 13, will be cancelled this year. For years Bob and Hope Ewest have chaired this wonderful event and delivered much happiness and holiday cheer to all of us. We have all enjoyed the entertainment that was provided at this event. Unfortunately, this year, because of overwhelming commitments by the entertainers for other holiday events and personal reasons, Hope and Bob have determined that they could not secure enough quality entertainment for our enjoyment. As a result, the Kare Bears Holiday Program will take a year off. I personally want to thank both Bob and Hope for their dedication to providing the Kare Bears with this wonderful event over the years. If you have any questions please contact me, Kare Bears President Teri Sellers.

Beverly Bonich named top volunteer

Stu Burge

Unlike the Oscars or Golden Globe Awards, the room was not packed with Hollywood A-Listers, but there was no shortage of excitement, surprises, and heartfelt applause at the Kare Bears 2017 Volunteer Awards Luncheon in the Tuscany Falls Ballroom.

Thanks to a hard-working Luncheon Committee headed this year by Linda Jo Orinski, the annual event is Kare Bears’ way of saying thank you to th.olunteers in and around PebbleCreek who work year-round to reach out to their friends, loved ones and, sometimes, complete strangers, to help make this community shine.

The Kare Bears motto pretty much says it all: “Neighbors Helping Neighbors.

Immediately prior to the November 8 luncheon, buoyed up by the ever-present desire to land a bargain, participants had an opportunity to bid on $15,000 worth of donated raffle prizes and silent auction items.

But the real purpose of the entire event was to honor the individuals whose selfles.olunteerism helps shape the quality of life in our community.

The top honor at every Awards Luncheon is called the Founder’s Award, originated in 1995 to thank Kare Bears’ founder and “inventor,” Rayma Scalzo.

This year, following a community-wide nomination and selection process, the Founder’s Award was presented to Beverly Bonich for her years o.olunteer work in the areas of PebbleCreek social activities, organizational governance and community service.

Beverly and husband Ken, moved to PebbleCreek in 1993. A year later she convinced Robson Communities Inc. (RCI) that the Architecture and Landscape Committee (ALC) should consist of homeowners, rather than the New Home Sales office staff and that the ALC and Rules Committee be merged. With RCI’s blessing, Beverly served as chairperson of the combined committee from 1994 to 1996.

Always willing to be involved, Beverly organized the PebbleCreek Line Dancing Club in 1995, taught classes for 16 years and remains the club president.

For two years in the mid-1990s Beverly organized and headed a Homeowners’ Food and Beverage Committee of homeowners to work with RCI to enhance Food and Beverage Services at Eagle’s Nest. At roughly the same time she served two years on the HOA Finance Committee.

From 1994 to 1999 Beverly was a member of the PebbleCreek Entertainment Committee. She also chaired four Unit 2 parties and served on the HOA Elections Committee for two years, working hard to get qualified homeowners to run for the HOA Board.

From 2001 to 2011, Beverly and Ken were PebbleCreek renters so she was unable to do any official PebbleCree.olunteer work, but that didn’t stop her. She attended HOA and Committee meetings as an observer and shared her significant knowledge and expertise.

Homeowners once again in 2012, Beverly now serves on both the ALC and Rules Committees. Thanks largely to Beverly’s influence, the HOA Board now holds meaningful meetings so that we homeowner’s know what the Board is discussing an.oting on. She attends most General Manager Meetings and HOA Board Meetings to continue to stay abreast of what our community needs to remai.ibrant, upscale and progressive.

But, wait; there’s more.

In 1999 she signed on as .olunteer for Solecito, the predecessor to the Southwest Lending Closet and continued from 2000 to 2010 working diligently to get equipment returned, routinely driving to Surprise, Avondale, Glendale and other cities. She also helped clean the returned equipment.

In 2016 she facilitated the donation of the proceeds from that year’s Old Timer’s Party to the Homeless Youth Connection.

Finally, for the past 22 years Beverly and Ken have been active donors of food, supplies and financial support to organizations within PebbleCreek and outsides our gates — especially the Agua Fria Food Bank.

Small wonder then that Beverly was honored this year with the Kare Bears’ highest recognition for outstanding achievement in the essential field of communit.olunteerism.

Additional Kare Bears Awards

Stu Burge

One of the most important (and gratifying) aspects of operating the Kare Bears’ wide range of programs and services is the special people who give freely of their time, talent and resources.

The Friends of Kare Bears Award is awarded annually to a person or organization that has been a truly special friend to the organization. This year the award was presented to Abrazo West Hospital Campus and accepted by Stan Holm, Chief Executive Officer. In addition to being the nearest full-service hospital and hosting monthly tours and luncheons for PebbleCreek residents, last year they provided a diabetes seminar, are always a go-t.endor at our Annual Health Fair, and provided a panel of top executives for a recent Kare Bears Presents community forum focused on current and proposed changes in public health insurance issues.

In addition, the following individuals were singled out for 2017 Kare Bears Special Awards:

Sue White — a past KB Board member and now the Special Volunteer responsible for Death Notices. Sue is high energy and fun and she gets everything done in a timely manner. As one board member stated, she never misses a deadline.

Rich Tighe — the KB Special Volunteer responsible for maintaining all medical equipment that we loan out free. He faithfully comes in and cleans returned equipment and make sure it is in good repair and does it with a smile.

Bob and Hope Ewest — are Special Volunteers who have been taking care of the Kare Bears tablecloths for years and are also responsible for managing the annual Bake Sale (scheduled for December 2 this year during the PebbleCreek Artists Holiday Fest in the Creative Arts Center).

Herb Roemer — is an experienced Kare Bear.olunteer driver, transporting residents safely and efficiently to/from medical appointments. This year he has undertaken more trips than any other driver.

Sharon Carco – a first-year Kare Bears Hous.olunteer whose enthusiasm and willingness to dive into any project are contagious. She totaled more hours of service this year than any other KB Hous.olunteer.