July Pinochle Club results

We have reached the midpoint of summer and survived. As the “Heat Island” created by all the cement in Phoenix warms our summer up the Pinochle Club is a great place to cool down. Some say it is too cool. Come join us and enjoy some interesting evenings.

July Winners

July 5: 1st Place, Stan Zdunczyk 6,330; 2nd Place, Denny Wallon 5,900; 3rd Place, Bill McLinden 5,760

July 12: 1st Place: Bill McLinden 7,080; 2nd Place: Laura Szakacs 6,560; 3rd Place: Kim Holmes 6,530; Booby Prize: Skip Holmes 3,660

July 19: 1st Place: Kim Holmes 6,460; 2nd Place: Shirley LaFlamme 6,270; 3rd Place: Joan Wallon 6,210; Booby Prize: Illene Hodgdon 3,990

July 26: 1st Place: Stan Zdunczyk 6,590; 2nd Place: Kim Holmes 6,520; 3rd Place: Howard Shannon 6,500; Booby Prize: Mary Ann Chamberlin 3,940

The Pinochle Club meets every Thursday night in the Tuscany Clubhouse. Come join us. Play begins at 6:30 p.m. sharp.