Jeff Buda Assumes Directorship of the PebbleCreek Big Band

Jeff Buda, the new director of PebbleCreek Big Band.

Jeff Buda, the new director of PebbleCreek Big Band.

As was previously announced at Burst of Music XII last March, Jeff Buda has been officially named the new director of the PebbleCreek Big Band, taking over from Bruce Birnel.

Jeff is already well-known as a talented musician in and around PebbleCreek having performed in many musical venues, as well as with various orchestras and dance bands in the area. Jeff has had a love of music his entire life, and now is ready to assume a new role in that musical life.

He began his musical education at the ripe old age of seven with clarinet lessons—a generous gift from his grandparents. By the time he was 14, he was playing at clubs and private parties in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area, and he even played his first “gig” at a Christmas party when he was only ten years old.

Surprisingly, Jeff first learned of the PebbleCreek Musicians while playing golf with fellow musician, Chuck Stewart. At that time the Big Band was in need of a drummer, so Jeff joined the Musicians and took over that role. Subsequently a need arose in the saxophone section, and Jeff was happy to switch to the instrument he considers his forte.

In addition to his musical talents, which include playing not only saxophone and drums, but also clarinet and flute, Jeff has held numerous leadership roles, including board member of the PebbleCreek Musicians, president of Showtime, and co-chairman of the “building the backstage” project.

Jeff promises that “Burst of Music XIII” will bring a new energy and excitement to the Renaissance Theater Stage that will delight PebbleCreek audiences.

Jeff may not be “The Music Man,” but he sure is a “man of music!”