Italian-Americans go Mexican at Angel’s Diner

Jim Roberts

Was that a fabulous lunch, or what? The hosts, Jim and Carol Roberts, say “Excelente” to Alfredo and Angel and all the gang down at Angel’s Diner. Everything came down exactly as planned and it was fabulous. The snowbirds are gone and they missed the best lunch of the year. Regardless, we had 17 intrepid Italian-Americans invade Angel’s Diner on June 7, the day after D-Day. We got to order right off the regular menu and our waiters Elias Garcia and Alonzo Espino were just superb. They got our drinks quickly and were very attentive throughout the lunch.

This lunch actually started several weeks before the event by the hosts meeting with Alfredo and Angel and outlining some of the questions that needed to be addressed, like the seating arrangements, the menu, billing and tipping, entertainment and dessert. Host Jim asked Alfredo if he knew any potential entertainers that could perhaps play the guitar and sing. Fortunately, he did know Alfredo Olivas who showed up with his lovely wife Terri. “Alfredo the Entertainer” was fabulous and entertained throughout the lunch singing some Mexican favorites (i.e. Celito Lindo, La Cucaracha, Rancho Grande, etc.) and more contemporary numbers. Terri joined him on a couple of numbers and we enjoyed them so much.

Our worthy President Ken Minichiello addressed the crowd and advised that Diane Passafiume was not doing well and that hospice was called in. Also, Joe Bonavire was not well and we should send cards to both of them. Ken also said we would have a pool party at the new Oasis Pool over in Outer Mongolia and that pizza would be served. Everyone should go to the website and sign up. We also need luncheon hosts for the months of August, September and October.

We sat six to a table and the dining was superb. Most folks got Mexican cuisine. The Chimichanga and the Special Burrito (ground beef or shredded) with the Enchilada Sauce are extremely good at Angel’s, as is everything else. Alfredo is an exceptional Chef.

Lunch could not end until we had dessert. Our hosts provided a dessert of Flan for everyone and it was really good. Alfredo made a big pan of it and cut it into squares.

The preparation, the service, the cuisine, the entertainment and the ambiance at Angel’s Diner was all just wonderful. We shall return when the snowbirds return just to show them what they miss when they run off to cooler environments.

The luncheon ended and we hated to say goodbye. Everyone was having a great time at Angel’s, but say goodbye we did; Adios and Vaya con Dios.