Irish/American Club news

Suzanne Rambach

At the November 14 meeting, the PebbleCreek Irish American Club presented checks to three local charities. This was in addition to two scholarships given to two Millennium High School students and a check to the Agua Fria Food Bank presented earlier this year. The club has donated $6,200 to local charities so far this year.

The Southwest Lending Closet is a non-profit corporation and all volunteer organization which lends durable medical equipment at no charge to those in need. They do not turn anyone away and customers do not need prescriptions to borrow the equipment. Their mission is to lend home health equipment to all in need and their vision is to foster and sustain a community based organization that provides, on loan, home health at no charge in a seamless and pleasant manner and ensures access to all by creating awareness of the service. Ann DeVlacmink, the Executive Director, was present to receive their donation.

Liz Zelanzo, the Community Development Director for The New Life Center also received a check. NLC is a non-profit corporation that provides shelter, counseling, advocacy and other services necessary to assist victims of domestic violence and their families to build sustainable, violence-free lives. The organization promotes community awareness of the need for domestic violence services. The purpose of the New Life Center is to provide a temporary, safe, caring environment for female victims of domestic violence and their children for up to 120 days. The shelter is staffed 24-hours a day, every day of the year, by caring professionals and volunteers. The New Life Center believes that everyone has a right to live in an environment free of violence and that a shared responsibility exists between citizens and government to provide a facility in the southwestern area of Maricopa County to shelter and counsel victims of domestic violence and their children.

Chris Panneton, Prevention Coordinator of the Southwest Family Advocacy Center, received the club’s check as well. Southwest Family Advocacy Center is a child and family focused facility where professionals in law enforcement, child protection, prosecution, mental health, medical and victim advocacy, work together during the investigation, treatment, management and prosecution of child abuse cases, sexual assault, domestic violence and elder abuse cases. The Southwest Family Advocacy Center is dedicated to reducing the stress and trauma of victims by ensuring victims are treated with respect and dignity throughout the investigative process while performing forensic interviews and medical exams in a friendly and safe environment and providing counseling referrals and therapy and advocate services to assist victims and their families.