In These Times

Larry Sessoms

Our PebbleCreek Community Church recently brought forth a proposal to purchase an additional 75 chairs for the Eagle’s Nest Ballroom—we needed the chairs for our growing congregation. Here again, the best laid plans! But with the closure of the ballroom and suspension of our Sunday morning services held there, we continue to … hummmm!

The “hits” recorded on our website,, tell us we are not forgotten, but they also provide opportunity for interesting analysis. We are pleased our congregation, made up of both formal members and regular attenders, continue to watch our Sunday services online, and search out Pastor Bob Ripley’s Words Of Hope posted every Tuesday and Thursday. But where do all those other “web hits” come from? Pastor Bob is not out to replace Joel Osteen—ahh, the web! Sadly, while the FYI section on the site posts updates about virus and other helpful information, it also continues to post cancellation of planned events. In July this included cancellation of our summer picnic at the Oasis Pool. So, our Fellowship Committee will be doubling up on Christian fellowship once that vaccine we’re all looking for arrives.

The website includes reference to Bible studies that continue over the summer, and book reports on books which are available from our Education Committee. Most active among our committees in these times is our Missions Committee. In addition to his duties with Kare Bears, Pastor Bob has joined the Agua Fria Food & Clothing Bank Board of Directors, and our church continues to support their local efforts with labor and funding. Thanks to the generous ongoing support of our congregation, we also continue to support Phoenix Rescue Mission, American Indian needs, and other local missions. Farther away missions include those in Alaska, Brazil, Haiti, India, Jamaica, and Kenya, in addition to the global work of Samaritan’s Purse and more. Our Missions Committee is in regular contact with all missions we support to assure the contributions we make to them make a real difference in their service.

Yes, in these times things are different, including church attendance. But, like the rest of our PebbleCreek community which we have the privilege of serving, we continue doing our best to bring to our congregation and others within our community who have an interest in the opportunities we offer. Please join us at, and should you have the need or otherwise seek the opportunity, contact Pastor Bob Ripley, whose door is open to all.