How to bid a fond farewell

Penny Schneider, Secretary

What does a club do when the leaders who have been leading since its beginning announce their intention to return to their roots and family? Our answer was to hold a fun-filled and energetic farewell party for them, which explains the picture of our group taken in the stair well at our hostess, Beth Hadden’s, home.

On November 26, 2018 the Christian Women’s Bible Fellowship held a Christmas-themed brunch to bid farewell to our dedicated leaders of ten years. As a special thank you, a Book of Blessings was presented to each one containing special pages written by each of our members.

The beginnings of this group started with Estella Hooper and Darlene Brown asking a group of women about their interests in Bible study. From a small group of ten women, our club has now grown into a group of twenty-five women who meet weekly for this study. Our materials are Bible based and the topics are determined through whole group discussion.

Despite our early meeting hour on Mondays at 9:00 a.m., the enthusiasm for our quest for understanding has only grown. When our meeting became mandated to form a club to reserve a weekly room in the Tuscany Falls clubhouse, we gladly complied. We have held our weekly meetings in the Capri Room since our formal acceptance as a PCHOA club. Our contact, President Carol Wehrman, is always happy to answer questions about our meetings and content. Information is posted on the HOA website and in the monthly PC Post printing of the master club list.

It is with mixed feelings that we send these two lovely Christian women off to their new home in Ohio. They will be very much missed and yet their impact on our group will continue as we follow the path that has been guided by them. God speed, Estella and Darlene.