Hiker sets club record for women

From left to right: Clare Bangs, Julie Walmsley, Marilyn Reynolds, Vicki Carter and Lynn Warren (photographer) in unusually green Spur Cross Ranch .

Lynn Warren

Marilyn Reynolds has been hiking with the club since 2008 and it took almost eight years to get her first 1,000 miles since she was a snowbird; upon becoming a full-timer, her pace accelerated and she reached the second thousand in 2017 and on January 31, 2019, she reached 3,000 career miles and now holds the club record for miles hiked by a woman. Marilyn passed her latest milestone on a scenic ten-mile hike to Elephant Mountain in Spur Cross Ranch north of Cave Creek. As is customary, the group paused during the hike to celebrate the occasion and enjoy a toast of orange juice and champagne before continuing. The club hikes in many interesting areas around the valley, providing the opportunity to enjoy scenery and terrain a person might not experience as a solo hiker. Visit the club’s website at pchikers.org for more information and pictures.