Happy New Year from the PebbleCreek Hiking Club

Lynn Warren

The Hiking Club conducts several overnight trips during the season and set a record in November by having 57 hikers and non-hikers enjoy several days in St. George, Utah, just a short drive from Zion National Park and Snow Canyon State Park. For three days, 42 “B”, “C” and “D” hikers challenged the major trails in Zion and completed hikes to several iconic landmarks, including Kolob Arch, Angel’s Landing, Hidden Canyon and Observation Point. After successfully negotiating the side trail to Angel’s Landing, the “B” hikers enjoyed lunch on rock ledges alongside the West Rim Trail—talk about a table with a view! After lunch, the hikers posed for the photo above with outstanding scenery in the background (they had to be careful, however, since a few more steps back and it would have been 1500 feet straight down to the floor of Zion Canyon). The Hiking Club enjoys interesting hikes all around the valley as well as a few overnight adventures such as this; visit the club website at pchikers.org for more information and photos.