Happy Anniversary

Duane and Harriet Quail

Harriet and Duane Quail

The Quails celebrated their 65th anniversary on the 4th of July with their immediate family of 13 in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Later they celebrated on a land-cruise tour in Alaska with friends.

Dan and Kathy Phelka and  Brad and Nancy Hansen

Dan Phelka

Dan and Kathy Phelka (left) and Brad and Nancy Hansen both recently celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary. The photo is from a formal night on a transpacific cruise (Sydney to Honolulu) they took earlier this year. Although both couples are natives of Michigan, they didn’t meet until they lived in PebbleCreek. Brad and Dan met while playing softball. Nancy and Kathy are active in aerobics. They all agree PebbleCreek is a great place to stay active, make new friends and really enjoy life.