Gun Club meeting to address hand gun ownership

Susan Knox Wilson

If you’ve got a hand gun you not only have to know how to use it, you also need to know how to handle some of the situations you may encounter –like how to handle a traffic stop with a concealed carry gun, or how to handle yourself if you ever have to shoot in self-defense—and what laws apply. We’ll hear from Goodyear Police Sgt. Alison Braughton and Officer Dane Scheckel, as well as a representative from the Maricopa County Attorney’s office at the next PebbleCreek Gun Club meeting, Monday, February 5, at 4:00 p.m. in the Chianti Room. The meeting is open to all residents of PebbleCreek.

Sergeant Alison Braughton and Officer Dane Scheckel make up the Community Services Unit of the Goodyear Police Department. The Community Services Unit was designed with the intention of reducing the likelihood of citizens becoming victims of crime by forming partnerships with the community and offering community oriented policing practices.

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