Great stocking stuffers at Expressions Gallery and Gift Shop

Sherry Blatner

The countdown has begun—only seven weeks left to complete your holiday shopping! We’re ready to help you reach the gift-giving finish line. This month, start with the little things. They make great stocking stuffers, are so easy to travel with, and what a selection to choose from!

Jewelry choices abound, and a great idea is to package your items in stunning silver saver purses.

Sun catchers are both colorful decorations and create a whimsical fantasy of light in any room.

Playing card holders are a great idea for those card sharks in your circle!

Bookmarks are a thoughtful present to readers who still enjoy the touch of paper and a reminder to you to purchase books in the Gallery next month.

Nightlights are finished with beautiful images, especially cute are the ones featuring cats.

Plan to decorate your home for all the upcoming holiday feasts—Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day! The quilters have a wonderful display of colorful table runners for either your main table or sideboards. Ceramic and pottery crafters have created a great selection of serving dishes—large and small, and woodworkers offer beautiful carving boards. Glassmakers have colorful one-of-a-kind dishes and bowls for your banquet nibbles. For a great stocking stuffer, plan on a place setting of small bejeweled flatware or cork coasters.

Thank you on behalf of all Expressions Gallery consignors for your continued and growing support of our home-grown artisans. Entering retirement has opened incredible worlds of creative endeavors for many in the Creek. New hobbies have grown into small business opportunities for some, and your support is an important link in that chain.

Mark your calendar to attend the annual Holiday Fest in the entire Creative Arts Center on Dec. 7 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The Expressions Gallery and Gift Shop is located inside the Tuscany Falls Creative Arts Center, south of Toscana’s Restaurant. Winter hours are Monday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Special note to consignors: All holiday in-take for the Gallery will occur during the first week of November. In December, only items replacing your sales will be accepted. After November, the next full restaging of the Gallery will be in January 2020. Thanks to Steve and Millie, our official restaging pros, for their work again this year.