Goofy golfers = goofy golf

Some Goofy Golfers, left to right: Bruce Carlyle, Donald De Coste, Shawn Mayer and Roger Pierson

Some Goofy Golfers, left to right: Bruce Carlyle, Donald De Coste, Shawn Mayer and Roger Pierson

Howie Tiger

The PebbleCreek Men’s Golf Association held its annual Goofy Golf tourney on Thursday, May 25 on the Eagle’s Nest course. With a sense of humor the key ingredient, PCMGA members had some laughs hitting from side-hill and down-hill tees and shooting to some outrageous pin placements.

It can be fun, but also diabolical. Several pins were located on sides of hills for a skeeball-like challenge. Other pins were placed very near the fringe or at the bottom of swales. On two holes No. 9 and No. 11 only putts counted, so some goofy strategy came into play to satisfy the minimum drive requirement. Hole No. 7 had two holes, but no flagstick (players chose the hole to putt to once they got on the green).

One of our members said it takes goofy golfers to play goofy golf. Apparently there was no shortage of those!

A total of 21 teams competed in a scramble format. Each team was made up of four players from the A, B, C and D handicap categories. The teams were matched very closely by total handicap, so all were placed in one flight. Closest to the pin prizes were awarded on holes No. 3 and No. 17.

A total of eight places were paid. The scores were so close. Three teams tied for first place with a net score of 38 and four teams tied for fourth place with a net score of 39. A card playoff determined the first place winners


1st place – Ray Mang, Ken Robinson, Steve Shaffer and Robert White. Tied for 2nd place – Brian Maine, James Furaus, Lee McDonnell and Jerry Briner and Bruce Carlyle, Roger Pierson, Shawn Mayer and Donald De Coste. Tied for 4th place – Steve Straley, Chuck Gustafson and Larry Blackburn, Brad Johnston, Derek Perkins and Ed Bobigian, Joe Little, Doug Goodin, Mike McMahon and Terry Johnson and Bob Richards, Dennis Domagala, Nick Castiglione and John Shaw

Closest to Pin hole No. 3 – John Reuland, Mike Cline and Kirk Harrison; Closest to Pin hole No. 17 – Gregg Loney, Hal Kerber, Lloyd Chilton and Tom Mackenzie

The fun continued after play as beer and hot dogs were served on the Eagle’s Nest patio.

Many thanks to Jeff Lebo and his staff for accommodating our Goofy Golf set-up.