GoodTime Gals Social Club News

Pat Atkinson

As we begin a new decade the GoodTime Gals will celebrate 20 years as a club in 2020. Thank you to those who volunteer to help us. We keep evolving for you, and starting this January we play Hand, Knee & Foot.

LuJean Anderson and Pat Atkinson welcome all women who live in PebbleCreek. You automatically are a member of the GoodTime Gals Social Club if you live in PebbleCreek. We don’t have dues. Just come alone or bring a friend to any of our activities.

Hand, Knee & Foot Days: We meet on the first and third Tuesdays each month in the EN/Palm Room. We will introduce you to our new game GTG Hand, Knee, and Foot. However, please bring $2 in quarters. Please be on time to help our hostesses. For information contact LuJean Anderson at 623-536-2204 or Pat Atkinson 623-536-4830.

Hand, Knee & Foot Days: We play every Friday, at 12:30 p.m. at the EN/Palm Room. Please sign in by 12:25 p.m. You can help our volunteers by being on time, and cleaning up after play. Our Friday captains are Rhae Jean Magnuson and Linda Ruhman. Bring $2 in quarters to play. Please arrive no later than 12:25 p.m. to sign in. Join us in playing this fast-paced game the “GoodTime Gals” way. Space is restricted and limited. Help new players feel welcome, and wear any name tag you own.

Dinner Bunch: Feb. 18, 2020, (a week earlier) at Red’s Bar and Grill 451 N Old Litchfield Rd. Litchfield Park, AZ. For reservations and/or cancellations contact Pat Atkinson at 623-536-4830 or Reservations are needed by Friday, Feb. 14, 2020. You can sign up at Tuesday or Friday cards too. Join us, bring a friend or come alone. We meet the last Tuesday of each month, at the restaurant, by 5:30 p.m.

March 31, 2020: Vogue Bistro 15411 W Waddell Rd suite 108 Surprise, AZ

April 28, 2020: Papa Paul’s Brick Oven Pizza and Pasta 118 N Old Litchfield Rd Litchfield Park, AZ

May 26, 2020: Toscana’s Tuscany Falls

Name Tags: Please wear a name tag to our events. We have GoodTime Gals special name tags for $7. We need your first and last name, phone number, and $7 in cash or a check made payable to LuJean Anderson. Contact us at Friday cards or contact LuJean at 623-536-2204 or, and Pat at 623-536-4830 or