GoodTime Gals Social Club

Pat Atkinson

It seems like spring came in January. That’s why we like PebbleCreek. LuJean Anderson and Pat Atkinson welcome all women who live in PebbleCreek. You are automatically a member of the GoodTime Gals Social Club if you live in PebbleCreek. We don’t have dues. Just come alone or bring a friend to any of our activities. The GoodTime Gals have an email to send you news and announcements: contact us at with your name, address, and phone number. We appreciate and thank our hostesses and gals who volunteer for the success of our club. If you have volunteered to be a hostess, please arrive early to setup.

March 27, 2018 GTG Dinner Bunch at Dino’s Greek and Italian Grill 15550 N Dysart Rd Avondale, AZ. Please make your reservation with Claudia Lancaster at or 623-628-4149 by Friday, March 24, 2018. All PebbleCreek gals are welcome to the GTG Dinner Bunch. Reservations are limited. Cancellations are appreciated. We will meet at this restaurant by 5:00 p.m. This is a time change.

April 24, 2018: East Asian Bistro 3145 N Dysart Rd Avondale, AZ

May 29, 2018: Zeta’s Grill 2935 N Dysart Rd Avondale, AZ

NAME TAGS: Please wear a name tag to our events. You can wear any name tag. We have new magnetized name tags you can order for $7. We need your first and last name, phone number and $7 in cash or a check made payable to LuJean Anderson. Contact us at Friday cards or call LuJean.

MEXICAN TRAIN/GAME DAYS: We meet twice each month on the first and third Tuesdays. Please be there by 12:20 p.m., EN/Palm Room, and wear any nametag you own. What’s new here is the Game Day addition. We welcome you to play other games, except Hand and Foot, or join in on Mexican Train. Bring a game you like to play and share. Come learn, play, and meet new gals. If you are playing Mexican Train, please bring $1.30 in change. You’ll enjoy this domino game played the GTG way. For information contact LuJean Anderson at 623-536-2204. If you don’t know how to play, we can help you learn. Please be on time to help our hostesses.

PROGRESSIVE HAND and FOOT: Help by being on time and cleaning up after play. We play every Friday, at 12:30 p.m. at the EN/Palm Room. Join us in playing this fast-paced game the “GoodTime Gals” way. Want to learn how to play? We will teach you. Please arrive no later than 12:25 p.m. to sign in. Space is restricted and limited. Help new players feel welcome, and wear any name tag you own.

Next month I’ll be sharing a history of the GoodTime Gals written by one of our founding members. We began in 2001, and have been continuing without a pause. You can reach LuJean and Pat by email or phone. LuJean at 623-536-2204 and Pat at 623-536-4830 or