Give the gift of language, be an English tutor

Jan Cosgrove

Southwest Valley Literacy volunteer tutors have been teaching English language skills to adults in the Southwest Valley for 40 years! Today the need is greater than ever.

We are flooded with requests from adults for English language training. At this time over 40 adult students are waiting for a tutor.

It is a two hour, once a week commitment. It brings the fulfillment of a lifetime.

Southwest Valley Literacy offers Tutor Training Workshops several times a year. You do not need to speak any language other than English.

You do not need teaching experience. Upon completion of the two-day workshop, you will be certified by ProLiteracy America as a Literacy and ESL tutor.

It is a chance to give back to your community as well as change the life of someone.

Upcoming Workshops: January 7 and 14, February 18 and 25

Register now! or call 623-695-4321;

Thank you to all the current PebbleCreek tutors. You do make a difference!